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DIY Disinfecting Wipes With 70% Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide

Learn how to make DIY disinfecting wipes with 70% alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.  These homemade Lysol wipes disinfect your home to kill germs.  Use paper towels or make reusable cloths as an ecofriendly option. I used to use a lot of disinfecting wipes.  I like the convenience of them.  I can keep a can in the bath or in the kitchen for a quick cleanup without having to get out a rag and a cleaner. I've been more conscience about using ecofriendly products lately, so I've been making my own DIY disinfecting wipes.  I made my own cloths, so they are reusable and have zero waste. These disinfecting wipes can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere in the home.  These are for disinfecting nonporous surfaces, so don't use them on fabrics. I made reusable cloths for my wipes, but you can use paper towels or just cut up fabric.

Spa Day at Home Ideas

Several spa day at home ideas with common ingredients.  Take time for self care and relaxation with these easy to make DIY bath and body recipes. When I started this blog, I wanted to post easy DIY beauty recipes that anyone could make at home.  It's evolved to include easy DIY bath and body for home use as well as for those want a little more advanced recipes or those who sell. Today, I want to get back to basics.  This is a list of recipes and ideas for a spa day at home.  I want to make this a long list to give you a lot of options, but I don't recommend using all of these at once. In fact, you shouldn't use all of these at once.  Choose one from each category and try that recipe.  I'm giving you options because you may not have all of the ingredients at home or it might not be right for your hair or skin needs.

DIY Hand Sanitizer Spray Recipe

Learn how to make a DIY hand sanitizer spray recipe for your hands or some surfaces.  If you can't find sanitizer in stores, this is a great alternative when you can't use soap and water to wash your hands. Old-fashioned soap and water hand washing is the best way to get your hands clean and stop the spread of germs.  But sometimes you just can't get to soap and water to wash your hands.  For those times, use a DIY hand sanitizer spray recipe. I keep sanitizer in my car to use while I'm out.  I like the spray because it's easier to use and I can pretend that I can cover the kids' hands completely and feel a little better about life. Store bought sanitizer is fairly cheap and usually readily available, but now there's a big shortage.  The CDC has released information for you to make your own DIY hand sanitizer spray recipe at home. It's important to follow the recipe exactly.  If you don't use enough alcohol, it won't be as effective a

55 Delicious Immune Boosting Recipes

Try one of these 55 immune boosting recipes.  They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support your immune system. This year was brutal for the flu and sickness.  This was the first year my kids have ever had the flu.  We think my oldest picked it up at college and brought it home, and it passed through two more kids and my husband. I was just sitting there with my elderberry syrup.  No one wanted to listen to Mom though. I put together a collect of 55 immune boosting food recipes.  These recipes are all made with whole ingredients and no sugar. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to nourish your body.  Many also have antioxidants. Will these stop you from getting sick?  Probably not.  They will, however, give your immune system a little boost so it can defend your body against anything that comes its way. Immune Boosting Recipes These immunity boosting recipes will help you fill your body with antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrie

How to Make Liquid Hand Soap From Bar Soap

How to make liquid hand soap from bar soap.  Use this to stretch one bar into a gallon of soap that can be used for your hands or body.  You can use your favorite bar of soap or add essential oils if you use an unscented soap. The best way to reduce the spread of germs is by washing your hands well with soap and water.  I'm writing this in the middle of the national scare, so I hope it is but a memory when you are reading this. Sanitizer flew off the shelf first, and now it's hard to find hand soap.  I make soap, so I have a shoe box full of soaps.  I can help you stretch any soap that you do have by teaching you how to make liquid hand soap from bar soap. Most stores do have bar soaps, so if it's all you can find, use this easy recipe to make one gallon of hand soap for your family to use. How to Make Liquid Hand Soap From Bar Soap Why turn a bar of soap into liquid?  Why not just use it as a bar of soap? We have a family of five and one bathroom.  Someon

How to Make Hand Soap With Castile Soap

Learn how to make hand soap with castile soap.  This is an easy recipe for homemade liquid hand soap, and it saves you a lot of money versus buying hand soap from the stores.  My kids seem to think that we have an endless supply of hand soap.  I mean, I'm glad that they are washing their hands, but they really don't need to use half of a bottle each time. I have eczema on my hand, so I can only use a few brands of soap.  Hand soap is my biggest trigger, so I have to use an expensive name brand or learn how to make hand soap with castile soap. So I learned how to make hand soap with castile soap.  This saves me so much money, and I can still customize it how I want with essential oils or natural fragrance oils. This recipe for homemade liquid hand soap also doubles as a body wash.  You could use it as a shampoo in a pinch, but I don't personally care for a castile soap shampoo. How to Make Hand Soap With Castile Soap You will need liquid castile soap to make this eas