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Lemon Meringue Essential Oil Lip Balm Recipe

How to make an easy lemon meringue lip balm recipe.  This recipe and materials is included in the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box Starter Box. How many lip balms do you have?  I have one in the car, one in my purse, one beside my bed, one in my desk drawer, and at least two more floating around the house or in a pocket. When I saw this lemon meringue essential oil lip balm recipe in the Simply Earth Essential Oil Starter Box, I was so excited.  I love bakery scented lip balms. I'm not a huge fan of lemon, but this sounded really good.  And it is so yummy smelling! This recipes makes two lip balms.  One for your purse and one for beside your bed.  Or give one to a friend. I'll keep your secret if you want to keep them both for yourself.  I wouldn't blame you.

How to Make Glow in the Dark Bath Bombs

How to make glow in the dark bath bombs with skin safe glow in the dark powder.  These fun bath bombs have a tie dye effect with glow in the dark mica and also have glow in the dark glitter. My daughter loves bath bombs.  She's always asking me to make fun new products with different colors and additives.  I found some skin safe glow in the dark powder, and of course we had to add that to bath bombs to make glow in the dark bath bombs! She wanted a lot of colors, so we made them a fun tie dye effect with several colors.  I guess this is a tie dye bath bomb tutorial and a glow in a dark bath bomb tutorial in one. Dakota has dry skin, so I added some coconut oil.  This helps moisturize her skin and help them stick together better. Keep reading to learn how to make glow in the dark bath bombs. How to Make Glow in the Dark Bath Bombs Baking Soda and Citric Acid Baking soda and citric acid are the main ingredients in this glow in the dark bath bomb recipe.  When they get wet wit

Rose Milk Bath Tea Recipe for Dry Skin

How to make a rose milk bath recipe.  This easy DIY bath recipe makes a great gift or keep it for yourself.  Milk bath recipes help soothe and moisturize dry skin, and the essential oil blend is relaxing.  It's the end of January in Ohio, and winter still hasn't hit hard.  It's coming.  I know it is. Even without the freezing temperatures, my skin is still having fits.  It's dry, itchy, and dull already.  I'm using lotions and oils, but I wanted something to soak in to bring more relief. Since Valentine's Day is close, I decided to make a rose milk bath tea recipe.  Milk bath soaks and roses are excellent for dry skin.  Each ingredient in this easy recipe was selected for its benefits for dry skin and even eczema. I used an essential oil blend called Tranquility.  It's calming and has a wonderful scent for this tub tea recipe. Rose Milk Bath Recipe I was originally going to make plain milk bath soaks, but I decided to make a tea.  This rose milk bath