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Brandless Reviews: How to Save on Products for a Healthy Home

Is Brandless Legit?  Read my Brandless reviews to see how I save on products for a healthy home. This post contains affiliate links, and I earn a small commission from sales. Brandless has been popping up in my Facebook newsfeed more and more often.  I'd browsed the site and liked how the products were less expensive than in the store.  More importantly, their products align with my vision for a healthy home. Their products vary, but most are non GMO and organic.  Their cleaners are non-toxic, and their beauty products are cruelty free.  They make "better for you" products and great prices.  But is Brandless legit?  I ordered, and here's my Brandless reviews of several products.   They contacted me a while ago and asked me to do Brandless reviews on their new health and beauty products.  I saw a lot of things available that I use in my DIY beauty recipes or ingredients that I cook with, so jumped at the chance to review their products. BRANDLES

6 Natural Essential Oil Recipes for Dogs + Giveaway

These essential oils recipes for dogs help you care for your pet naturally.  Get all of the ingredients you need to make them in the May 2019 Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box.    I try my best to keep a natural home.  With 3/5 of us having asthma and 4/5 of us having allergies, it's in the best interest of our health not to use toxic chemicals in the home.   I make my own DIY beauty products and natural cleaners and have for years, but I just recently got into making my own natural essential oil recipes for pets.   Using essential oils around pets takes some knowledge, so always discuss it with your vet first. Here are six DIY recipes that you can make for your dog.  All of the ingredients are in the May 2019 Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box.  You can order it now through the end of May (or until it sells out).   My readers get an exclusive offer.  If you use code EVERYTHINGPRETTYFREE you'll get a $40 gift card for a future purchase plus a

How to Make Succulent Soap With Melt and Pour Soap

How to make succulent soaps with melt and pour soaps.  These adorable soaps are perfect for gift giving or selling, or you can keep them for yourself! Succulents are insanely popular right now.  I have a several of them in my home because they are so cute and easy to care for.  When I saw a succulent candy mold, I had to grab it to make soaps with. I could have just made the soap and used it as a guest soap, which would be cute.  But I took it a little further and make little pots with faux rocks and succulents.  This was a lot of fun to make because I got to be creative, and I love how it turned out.   The flower pot, rocks, and plant are all made with melt and pour soap.  This makes a cute hand soap or body soap.  You can even set them in the bath purely for decoration.   I used an essential oil blend to scent them, so they do put off a little bit of fragrance to scent a small bath.   This takes a little longer than other melt and pour projects because it ta

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin Rebatched Soap Recipe

These cute lemon poppy seed muffin soaps are a rebatched soap recipe from hotel soaps!  You can use almost any type of soap to make these handmilled soaps.  This rebatched soap recipe is a great way to make a fun bar of soap without having to use lye or make soap from scratch. Rebatching soap, also called handmilling, is when you take a bar of premade soap and grate it, melt it, and add things to it to make a brand new bar of soap. You can get creative in what you add to it.  I decided to make this a lemon poppy seed soap for the kitchen.  Lemon essential oil is great for removing grease and kitchen odors, and the poppy seeds gently exfoliate your hands. I upcycled small bars of soap from hotels. My neighbor travels for weeks or months at a time.  No matter how many times he tells them not to leave more soaps for him, they usually leave him several bars a week. When he gets home, he gives me a box for my family to use.  We do use the soap as is, but me being me, I

DIY Highlighting Shimmer Face Oil Recipe

This DIY highlighting shimmer face oil recipe is simple to make.  It rehydrates your skin while adding a highlight to your face or body.   I love makeup.  I love playing with colors and trying new effects.  I don't feel like my makeup is complete without eyeliner, highlighter, and at least some gloss on my lips.   I use highlighter on my cheeks, nose, and forehead every time I wear makeup.  I usually use either  Laura Geller Baked  or my  Hard Candy palettes . While these are amazing highlighters, I also wanted to make my own.  I love the idea of using an oil to make a DIY highlighting shimmer face oil recipe because it also hydrates the skin while adding some shimmer.My skin is normally oily, but it's getting drier as I get older.  The winter is usually the worst time of the year for me, but the sun in the summer also dries out my skin.  Other than my T-zone, my skin can even sometimes be considered dry. Y'all, this is brand new territory for me.

DIY Kaolin Clay Facial Cleanser Recipe

This DIY kaolin clay facial cleanser recipe gently removes makeup, dirt, and oil while it detoxes your skin.  The oils naturally dissolve oil while moisturizing your skin. A clay mask was one of the first DIY beauty recipes that I ever made because it's so easy.  After my first bentonite clay mask, I was hooked.  I now use a clay or charcoal mask once a week to cleanse my skin. As far as DIY beauty recipes go, this is an extremely easy one.  But don't think that this isn't an amazing recipe just because it's simple. Sometimes the simple things are the best things.  And this is one of those times.   This DIY kaolin clay facial cleanser recipe has just three ingredients: clay, a carrier oil, and an essential oil. I'll also give you some recommendations for different carrier oils and essential oils so you can make a clay mud cleanser for your skin type.

Herbal Healing Lip Balm Recipe With Calendula, Plantain, and Comfrey

This herbal lip balm recipe has herbal infused oils, natural butters, and beeswax to moisturize and protect your lips naturally.  Use calendula, plantain, and comfrey to naturally soften your lips.  One reason I love making DIY bath and body products is because I can be creative with the ingredients.  For example, I can start with a base recipe for lip balm that has beeswax, butters, and carrier oils and then choose the best butters and carrier oils for my needs. To further customize my lip balm, I can add essential oils and infuse the oils with herbs.  This gives the ingredients I choose the benefits of the essential oils and the herbs. For this recipe, I wanted an herbal lip balm made with calendula, plantain, and comfrey because they help the skin heal and protect it from future damage. In the winter, my lips are dry because of the cold hair.  But in the summer, my lips also get dry because of the sun. Basically, my lips are dry all the time except for three