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The Best Natural Lotion Ingredients for Dry Skin

These are the best natural ingredients for dry skin to make a lotion, soap, body butter, or other DIY beauty product.   This winter has been absolutely brutal on my skin.  It hasn't been this dry in years.  A few weeks ago, it was so dry that I had scabs on my arms and legs from scratching so much. After a few restless nights, I started doing some heavy research on carrier oils, butters, essential oils, and herbs for dry skin.  I have my go to oils and butters, but this time I wasn't messing around.   I wanted the best natural lotion ingredients for dry skin so I could make a kick butt lotion that would get rid of my dry skin and fast. This is a list of the best natural lotion ingredients for dry skin, including carrier oils, butters, essential oils, and herbs. Of course, you won't use all of these.  But you can combine one or more ingredients to add to your lotion or other DIY skin care product.  

23 Advanced Melt and Pour Soap Techniques You Have to Try

If you need some inspiration, here are 22 advanced melt and pour techniques that you have to try. Melt and pour soap is one of my favorite crafts to make because you can really get creative.  I've been making melt and pour soap for about 15 years now, and I can make each batch different from the last. Melt and pour soap lets you get really creative with additives, colors, and even embeds.  If you're looking for more advanced melt and pour techniques, here are several ideas for you to try. 22 ADVANCED MELT AND POUR TECHNIQUES If you're new to making melt and pour soap, check out my tutorial on how to make glycerin soap. I like to add different melt and pour additives to my soaps.  You can get creative with herbs, carrier oils, and even spices to make bars of soap for specific needs.  I have a large bin full of fun molds to use.  Part of the fun of making the soap is using different shaped molds for different shapes.  These are my favorite molds to use: MELT AND POUR T

DIY Homemade Cream Blush Recipe With Two Ingredients

p style="text-align: left;"> This DIY cream blush is so easy to make with just two ingredients.  This easy natural makeup is made without beetroot and without arrowroot powder.   I'm a bit of a makeup addict.  I see something pretty, and I have to have it.  It doesn't matter if I already have a similar shade or not, I still get it. I knew I had a slight problem when I bought a professional sized makeup train case and couldn't fit my makeup in it.  I still have baskets of brand new items and specialty items that I don't use all the time. I knew my makeup addiction was really bad when I showed up to the theater with my makeup and the Mary Kay girl who was also helping with makeup said, "Wow.  That's a lot of makeup!" Ahem. Despite having such a collection, I could not get a blush that I liked.  I wanted a hint of color, and I like a brownish or brownish pink shade. I found a few, but one was the exact right shade but too shimmery.  Anothe

What is Orby TV? My Orby TV Review and Information

We recently switched to Orby TV, and it's a great choice for rural living.  Learn what is Orby TV and read my review.   This post is sponsored by Orby TV.  As always, all opinions and enthusiasm is my own.   When we moved to the farm six years ago, we were prepared for a new way of living.   We were prepared to get animals (chickens and goats) and care for them.  We were prepared to plant a large garden, tend it, and preserve the food we grew.  We were prepared to care for the lawns and fields. What we were not prepared for was the lack of utility services in the area. We have two choices for Internet: slow and slower.  Cable television isn't even offered on my road, and they won't connect to a house half a mile from the road anyway.   We decided to go with satellite TV about two years ago, but we aren't happy with the service.  The bill keeps climbing, and we are paying almost three times as much as we were supposed to be paying per month.  

DERMA E Radiant Skin Care Review

My review of DERMA E's Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser, Radiance Toner, Radiant Glow Face Oil, and Rejuvenating Face Oil.  DERMA E is natural, organic, and cruelty free.   If you're a regular reader, then you know that I love DERMA E skin care.  It is my go to skin care line, and several of their products are my ride or die skin care products.   They send me a box of happy mail each month, so I'm reviewing what I got in my last two boxes to share with you. Not only are their products amazing, but they are also natural, vegan, and cruelty free.  None of their products have parabens, mineral oil, artificial colors or fragrances, gluten, soy, or GMOs. DERMA E RADIANT SKIN CARE REVIEW DERMA E ANTI-WRINKLE CLEANSER   I've been using this for a few weeks, and I really like it.  I have oily skin with large pores.  In the winter, my skin gets drier, but I still have to watch how much oil I use because it will make my skin too oily.   The Anti-W

DIY Homemade Window and Mirror Cleaner With Arrowroot Powder

Get a streak free clean with this DIY window and mirror cleaner recipe.  It has arrowroot powder as a secret ingredient.  I've been using natural cleaners for over 15 years now.  When my oldest was a baby, I was concerned about using chemicals around him.  My husband has asthma, so making the switch to natural cleaners helped him, too. For several years, I just used vinegar water to clean my windows.  It worked in that it got them clean, but it also left them streaked. I don't like seeing the sun shine in through streaks, so I set out to come up with another recipe that would clean naturally without leaving any streaks. Through trial and error, I found the secret.  Arrowroot powder. I know it sounds crazy, but it really does help! DIY HOMEMADE WINDOW AND MIRROR CLEANER WITH ARROWROOT POWDER DISTILLED WATER I use distilled water for my DIY cleaning products (like my all purpose cleaner and dusting spray ) because I have well water.  Even with a filter and water softener,