13 August 2018

29 Amazing Bath Bomb Recipes

Bath bombs have exploded in popularity recently.  I've been playing with some shower bomb recipes, and I'll have some bath bomb recipes posted in the next few weeks.  I just got some adorable new molds in, and they will be perfect for fall scented bath bombs.  

Like most DIY bath and body recipes, bath bombs can have a lot of variations.  You can use different molds and essential oils to make different types of bombs.  

You can even add some herbs and other additives to your bath bombs, so I've included them in their own section below.

If you've never made bath bombs before, I recommend looking at the first section, Basic Bath Bombs, first so you get an idea on how to make them.  Then you can look at the other recipes for more ideas.


If you will be making a lot of bath bombs, I recommend getting a set of metal molds.  This bath bomb mold kit lets you make 15 at a time in three different sizes.  If you're feeling spunky, use this set of shaped molds so you can make hearts, stars, and more.  

I usually use one of my silicone soap molds.  I don't sell my bath bombs and give them as gifts or use them, so I don't want another set of molds in my storage.  I do really prefer the silicone molds because I think the bath bombs release easier than with a plastic mold, but it's personal preference. 

If you want the effects of a bath bomb without using a mold, make a fizzy bath salt recipe.  It's like a bath bomb in a jar!

For those who prefer a shower, try a shower fizzy.  They are kinda like a bath bomb, but they have more fragrance in them, so it turns your shower into an aromatherapy experience.  Try my wake up shower melts or my bedtime shower melts.  





I hope these 29 bath bomb recipes give you some inspiration to make your own bath bombs.  If you'd like to buy them instead of making them, you can find several handmade ones on Etsy

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