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DIY Dusting Spray With Essential Oils

We finished homeschool last week, so I have two weeks off from school and therapy before summer therapy starts again.  Two entire weeks with no appointments, no school, and no obligations except taking the kids to karate, ju jitsu, and Boy Scouts.   As much as I would love to use that time to get through my DVR and Netflix queue, I'm using it to spring clean my house.  Yes, I know it's almost summer, but I just can't devote the time to deep cleaning while I'm homeschooling and have appointments almost every day. We started cleaning Friday, and I've already taken 3 trash bags and 3 large boxes to donate.  The less we have, the less I have to clean, right?   I was cleaning my room and couldn't find my dusting spray.  I didn't want to have to stop to run into town just for that, so I started experimenting with some DIY dusting spray recipes.  There are a few variations floating around the Internet, so I made three recipes to decide which one I

Homemade Bug Repellent Candle Melt Recipe

Repel mosquitoes and other bugs naturally with these homemade bug repellent candle melts. Put one in your wax melter and let it diffuse the essential oils to keep bugs away. Last weekend, we grilled dinner and spent the evening outside.  We made ribs and grilled garlic Parmesan asparagus.  If you've never grilled asparagus, add it to next week's menu plan.  It is a wonderful summer side dish because it's so easy The kids played with the dogs and jumped on the trampoline while the husband and I played cards on the patio. It was a great evening except for some uninvited guests. Bugs.   We were swatting mosquitoes, gnats, and other bugs away until I lit a bug repellent candle.  Finally, we got some relief from our flying foes. I like burning candles with essential oils to naturally repel bugs, but I always ruin my candles because we don't burn them long enough.  You should burn a candle one hour for each inch of diameter or it will start to tunnel

Best Natural Beauty Balm Recipe for Clear, Beautiful Skin

This best natural beauty balm recipe from guest blogger, Rebecca D. Dillon of Soap Deli News , is a wonderful natural holistic skin care recipe that you can craft at home for clear, beautiful skin. As we learn more about the effects that the ingredients in beauty and skin care products can have on our skin and our health, there's been a shift in the beauty industry toward more holistic skin care products. However, in an effort to make that change to healthy, natural products without potentially toxic or cancer causing side effects, this trend has also led to a rise in costs. Companies spend more to provide natural, healthy beauty options that are ethically sourced, use certified organic ingredients and have zero animal testing free of synthetic ingredients and preservatives. Nonetheless, as beauty companies compete to offer the newest and best in holistic skin care, their marketing costs rise. Then so do the cost of their products. Unfortunately not all of us are able to

13 Hot Process and Cold Process Handmade Soap Recipes

One reason that I love making soap is that there are so many ways to customize it and make unique bars.  I normally post melt and pour soap recipes because I just don't have the ingredients and equipment for traditional soap, but it's on my summer bucket list to make more real lye soap.

Great Wolf Lodge Sandusky, Ohio Review

Thank you to Great Wolf Lodge Sandusky for inviting us to play for a day.  I was not compensated for this post.   Friends, it has been a long school year.  This was David's first year of college.  Although we were confident that he would do well, starting college at 15 isn't easy.  Caleb has had a lot of school work to do plus therapy three times a week, so it makes for some long days.  Dakota has worked hard to get all of her work done, but she's needed more help as 5th grade focuses more on writing and harder math concepts. To say that we needed a break was an understatement.  Normally, we celebrate our last day with a trip to get ice cream at a local dairy farm and then do something small but fun the next week.  This year, we were invited to spend the day at Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, Ohio .  Even though we won't be done with school work until Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, it was a great reward for working hard all year! GREAT WOLF LODGE SAN

Silk'n Infinity Home Hair Removal Review

Friends, let's talk about something that I know is a popular subject but no one wants to talk about:  unwanted body hair.  We all have it, yet we are almost all embarrassed by it.  I don't know why it's so taboo because I don't know too many women who don't struggle with hair removal options.   I was seriously considering getting professional treatments to get rid of my excess body hair.  I have really thick, fast growing hair, so the idea of not having to shave my legs or underarms was appealing too.  I hadn't scheduled any appointments because I know that it will be expensive, and I will have an hour driving time plus treatment time for each session.  I simply don't have the extra time for several appointments right now.   Thankfully, there's a new home hair removal system that works.  The Silk'n Infinity is their newest and best hair removal device for home use.  Keep reading to learn more about it and how it works.

DIY Hand Salve for Eczema

How to make a DIY hand salve for eczema.  This has several carrier oils and essential oils that promote skin health and healing. I didn't have eczema until about five years ago.  After we moved to the farm, my allergies got worse and I got eczema.  Since them, I started working on eczema relief DIY recipes. I think I'm allergic to some type of tree or plant on the farm, but there are hundreds of trees and plants, so I have no way of knowing which kind without getting an allergy test.   I probably should get one just so I know, so maybe someday when I get fed up with the itching I will. Until that day, I'm using natural ways to treat my eczema because the prescriptions didn't help much.  I've been working on a DIY hand salve for eczema, and I think I've got it right. While this is a great DIY eczema salve, this is also a great general purpose salve.  I'm also using it on my heels and cuticles with great results. Hand Salve for Eczema Recipe Links in thi