14 March 2018

Cucumber and Green Tea Bath Salt Recipe

It's been alternating between a blizzard and bright sunshine all day today.  I know it always snows in April in Ohio, so I have a good 6 weeks left of winter, but I'm ready for spring and summer.  I've replaced my heavy winter scents with light scents in hopes of warmer weather.

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One of my favorite spring scents is cucumber and green tea.  It's so light, so crisp, so refreshing.  Dove makes a deodorant and a body wash in the scent that I use regularly.

My legs have been aching the last few weeks.  I know a lot of it was that I needed new shoes, so I splurged on a good pair last week.  When my legs hurt, one of the best things I can do is soak in warm water and Epsom salts for relief.  

I needed to make more bath salts, so I made cucumber and green tea as wishful thinking for spring and summer.

Since I do have leg pain, I use Epsom salts.  Epsom salts are high in magnesium and sulfate, which can be absorbed through your skin.  Many Americans have a magnesium deficiency, so this helps us get more into our bodies.  It's believed that these minerals also help reduce muscle pain.

Salt is a great natural way to cleanse your pores.  It's naturally antibacterial, so it helps balance oil production in your skin.  

I used green tea straight from the tea bag for two reasons.  First, it's easy to find in any grocery store.  It's the exact same thing as the herb, but it's already ground up.  This means you won't clog your pipes when you use it.  Secondly, it's wonderful for your skin because it's high in antioxidants.

I used baking soda because we have hard water.  It naturally softens the water, and it also softens the skin.  

I chose to use a cucumber fragrance oil for the scent.  There is a cucumber essential oil, but it's made from the seeds of the plant.  It doesn't have the cucumber smell that I was going for, but it's an option if you want to use it.





Cut open 5 green tea bags.

STEP #2 

Combine Epsom salts, sea salt, baking soda, and the loose tea in a bowl.  Stir well.  


Add the cucumber fragrance oil and stir.  You can use more or less, depending on your taste.


Scoop into a container with a lid.  Use 1/2 cup per bath.

I use a bath salt about once a week for the Epsom salts.  A warm bath will calm down just about anyone, but I think the Epsom salts are especially calming.

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Cucumber and Green Tea Bath Salt Recipe

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