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20 Best Highlighters

Links in this post may be affiliate links. I've been playing with new makeup techniques and more products.  It helps that I bought an awesome makeup organizer so now I can actually see all of my makeup and have it organized by type.  The makeup case that I bought has adjustable dividers, which is awesome because I have a lot of some types of makeup and not so much of other kinds.  I get a few beauty boxes and brands send me samples and full sizes, but I hadn't had a chance to use all of them before.  So this summer, I'm having fun playing and stepping up my makeup game. I didn't use highlighter too often before because I could never get it to look right.  I had several of them in my stash, so I just started playing around and watching YouTube videos to get it right.  Now, I can't imagine leaving home without highlighter on!  I always use it down my midline to lengthen my face.  When I'm going out, I sweep some above my blush.  I'm not sure what I was so

How to Keep Your Hair Straight In Humid Weather

I got my hair cut, dyed, and highlighted a few weeks ago.  Even though it was the same cut, she did something a little different or thinned it a little more, so my hair looked awesome...for about two days.  Then the Ohio weather heated up and got humid.  It's been in the high 80s and 90s with high humidity for a few weeks.  I have naturally curly hair, so the humidity is wrecking havoc on my hair when I straighten it.  Luckily, I learned how to keep your hair straight in humid weather.  It takes a little bit of prep work, but it's worth it not to turn in to a poodle when I step outside or turn in to a hermit staying inside!

Michael Todd Total Refresher Review

Michael Todd Beauty sent me a Total Refresher to review, but I was not compensated for my review.  As always, all enthusiasm is my own. As a Michael Todd ambassador, I was lucky enough to get their newest device, Total Refresher, before it will be released for sale on 7/24/17.  My complexion is fairly good, but I do have some fine lines that are creeping up on me.  I also struggle with large pores on my nose and cheeks and blackheads on my nose.   The Total Refresher is one device that works in three ways.  It exfoliates, extracts debris from pores, and sprays your favorite toner to infuse your skin to soothe and refresh.  Keep reading for my Michael Todd Total Refresher review.

Watermelon Mint Sugar Scrub Recipe

This watermelon body scrub recipe is easy to make and has real watermelon powder in it.  Use it once a week for brighter looking skin. I'm a Chick Fil A ambassador this year, so that means a lot of visits to Chick Fil A.  My closest one is half an hour away, but we go there a few times a month for appointments, so it makes a good reward for the kids.   They sent me some gift cards for their new watermelon mint lemonade, so I got one last week.  I like strawberry lemonade, but I wasn't sure about the mint.   I'm happy to report that it was a very tasty drink and perfect for a 90 degree Ohio summer day.  There was just enough mint to taste, but it wasn't overwhelming.   That drink was the inspiration for this watermelon sugar scrub recipe .  I omitted the lemonade because I think three main fragrances would have been a little much.   You could add some lemon essential oil if you wanted, but I liked it just at watermelon mint. Watermelon Mint Sugar Scrub Recipe Links

Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel Recipe

This DIY unicorn snot glitter gel recipe is very easy to make and inexpensive.  It's eye safe, so you can use it for your eyes, as a highlight, or anywhere that needs some sparkle. I have a new obsession.  Unicorns!  My daughter and I love all things unicorn.  The pink/blue/purple color combination has always been my favorite color combo.   And who can resist all of that glitter?  Not I! My daughter is active in our community theater, so she needs specialized makeup sometimes.  She will need some sparkle for the next play, so we made this unicorn snot aka glitter gel. We picked blue/green, pink, and purple glitter to make ours, but you can use any color that you want.  You can also make it as glittery as you want it.  I wanted her to sparkle a little bit from stage and not be completely covered, so we went with a lighter look.  You can totally customize it to fit your needs. UNICORN SNOT GLITTER GEL RECIPE Links in this post may be affiliate links, which means that I