19 June 2017

Matcha Green Tea Sugar Scrub Recipe

I love using matcha green tea in beauty recipes because it's such a powerful antioxidant.  It can really give an anti-aging boost to just about any recipe.  This easy matcha green tea sugar scrub recipe has just four ingredients, so it's easy to make.  I like it because it's so easy to whip up, and it does a great job on my feet and legs.  I use it before shaving my legs to get a closer shave.  

The matcha green tea also gives this sugar scrub a rich shade of green.  I keep in in a clear mason jar to sit on the counter because it's so pretty.  

Easy matcha green tea sugar scrub recipe with just four ingredients, including coconut oil.

Matcha Green Tea Sugar Scrub Recipe

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The star of this sugar scrub recipe is the matcha green tea.  Matcha is a fine powder made from the entire green tea leaf.  It's very high in antioxidants, so it can help prevent the signs of aging.

Coconut oil gives the recipe it's texture and firmness.  It's very moisturizing to your skin.

I used safflower oil because it's a light oil and soaks into the skin quicker than other oils.  



In a mixer using the whisk attachment, whip the coconut oil until fluffy.  Your coconut oil should be firm.  If it's soft, put it in the fridge for 10 - 15 minutes until firm.

After the coconut oil is light and creamy, add the liquid oil.  I used safflower oil because it's a light oil.  Whip again.  

Then add matcha green tea and sugar and stir by hand.

Your matcha green tea sugar scrub recipe will last several weeks to two months on the shelf.  To use, scoop about 1/4 of a cup into your hand and gently scrub in circles all over your body.  Since this recipe has white sugar, do not use on your face.  This scrub is especially good on your feet because it removes dead skin cells and moisturizes.

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