09 June 2017

Easy Lip Gloss Recipe With Drink Mix - Great for Kids!

I used this recipe at my daughter's birthday party for her friends two years ago, and she requested it again last year.  It's so easy for kids to make, and you don't even have to measure anything.  Another bonus is that you can get the ingredients at any grocery store, so you just need some containers to put your lip gloss in.  I used actual lip gloss pots, but you could use any small container, depending on how much you want to make.  

My daughter is going to turn 10 later this month.  She started making this by herself when she was 8.  Younger kids could make this with a little bit of help.  It would be a great project for a Girl Scout troop too.

Easy Lip Gloss Recipe With Drink Mix - Great for Kids!

Easy Lip Gloss Recipe With Drink Mix

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All you need for this easy lip gloss recipe is coconut oil and drink mix.  I prefer unrefined coconut oil, but you can also use refined coconut oil if you don't want the coconut smell and taste.  

I used Welch's drink packets in grape and cherry pomegranate.  You can use any brand and any flavor.  My daughter wanted pink and purple, so that's why we chose these flavors.  I prefer using the singles, but you can use any flavored drink mix as long as it's sweetened.  

The drink mix won't incorporate in to the coconut oil unless you mix it with water first.  Pour the packet of powder in to a small bowl and mix with just enough water to make a thin paste.  If you're just making a few containers, you can use just half of a packet.  The more concentrated this step is, the darker your lip gloss will be.  If you add too much water, it won't ruin it, but your gloss might be a lighter color.  

Fill your lip gloss container with soft coconut oil.  You want to be able to stir it, but you don't want it liquid.  If it's liquid, you'll have a hard time stirring it.  I use a toothpick to add a little bit of the drink mix to the coconut oil and then stir it well.  It will take a few minutes to fully incorporate.  

Since you're only using coconut, this lip gloss will get soft if it gets too warm.  Just pop it in the fridge to let it set up.  It won't affect the product at all; it's perfectly safe to use.  For this reason, though, I wouldn't use lip balm tubes because it could leak.  If  you prefer a harder lip balm, you can try this peppermint lip balm recipe and omit the peppermint and add your drink mix when it's not quite cook yet.  

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