21 April 2017

How to Use a Happy Planner As a Blog Planner

I'm a planner girl.  I wouldn't be anywhere on time or have anything in by its deadline without having my paper planner.  As much as I love my iPhone and electronics, I just can't get used to a Google Calendar.  I have used a Google Calendar in conjunction with my planner, but I always go back to my paper planner.  

I've used a few planners over the last three years.  Last year was my first year using the Happy Planner, and I love it.  I'm definitely buying another one for next year.  That's a big deal because I have never used the same planner two years in a row.  

When I got my Happy Planner, I was a little overwhelmed.  There are women who spend hours decorating theirs and have the perfect system.  I admire their work, but it's not for me.  I just don't have the time or desire to decorate it.  I have customized mine, but it's more of a do it once and be done kinda thing.  Another reason for this is that my craft room is in my basement, so it's not always practical to go there where I have my washi tape and stickers.  I need to make it easy because I'm busy, so this is how my planner has evolved.  Keep reading to learn how to use a Happy Planner as a blog planner.  
How to Use a Happy Planner As a Blog Planner

How to Use a Happy Planner As a Blog Planner

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One of things that I loved about the Happy Planner is that it has a monthly view and a weekly view with three boxes.  I also love that is uses the arc system, so I can add pages as needed.  Now before we get too far, you might notice that the bottom disc is gone on my planner.  I dropped it off the table, and the disc broke.  It was totally my fault, and I may have cried a little.  I can buy more discs, but I'll be replacing it in the next few months, so I didn't worry about it.  They also have bigger arc discs, so I can expand it.  Speaking of expanding it, my kids spilled water on the table next to my planner.   It looks a little thicker than it really is because of the water damage.  Me and this planner have been through some stuff, I tell ya.  

Let's start with the cover.  Since it uses the arc system, I can take off the cover and replace it very easily.  I did buy another set of covers just to  mix it up a little bit.  These will work on future planners, so it was a worthwhile investment I think.  You can even make your own cover with their arc punch and a laminator.  

I lose pens like crazy.  I have no idea what happens to them.  I use the Pilot G2 gel pens, so I don't want to lose one.  If you're an office supply nerd like I am, you will love these pens!  The Happy Planner has a sticker pen holder that you can attach to the front of your planner.  One drawback is that you have to put one on each cover if you change them, but they are inexpensive.  

Now back to this arc system that I keep talking about.  I love it because they have a special punch that you can use to add your own pages.  Yes, I can add a page anywhere in my planner!  Being able to customize my Happy Planner was a big selling point.  Again, I can use this year after year, so it as a great investment.

One of the first things that I made for my planner was this sticky note holder to put at the front.  I have two kinds of sticky notes; one for sponsored posts and one for sponsored social media posts.  This helps me see at a glance which type of post it is.  The mini Post-Its fit well in the monthly view boxes.

Let's look at the monthly view.  This is where I use my Post-It notes to plan out my month.  Once I write a post, I take off the note so I can have a sort of count down.  On the note, I have the brand that I'm working for and the dates that it's due in case I have to move it.  I found that I have to switch around dates often, so it helps to write the date on the note too.  

I only write the really important things on my monthly view, like break and important school events.  In the notes for the month, I write down each job for that month and the payment amount.  If I have a job that lasts two months, I write it down for the month it ends.  This is personal preference, but it works for me.  Then at the end of the month when I update my stats, I know exactly how much I made.  

Next is the weekly view.  There are three columns.  I use them for work, social and kids, and the bottom box is for pay days.  I write down the amount, campaign, and the network.  On some days, my top two boxes can get really full, so it's easier for me to write them at the bottom of the bottom box.  Then if I do need to use that space for social or school, it's there.  I use the notes to write down post ideas or other ideas to save or later.

Typically, I have these half sheet note sheets in my weekly view.  I take them out (or move them) after the week is over so my planner doesn't get too clunky.  These notes are one of my favorite parts about the Happy Planner.  Some weeks I don't use them, but other weeks I have to use two sheets.  If I don't get to everything on my list, I can easily move it the next week.  

 A few extras that I bought for my Happy Planner that I use often are the dashboards, stamp, stickers, and elastic band.  The dashboards come in a set of three.  I use one for the current month, one for the current week, and one for the following month.  Of course, you can use these how you like.  They are see through, so they don't block my view of the planner.

The stamp I love.  It helps me fit more in each box.  For me, it was easier to have a stamp than print or buy a lot of stickers.  As you can see, I don't use it often.  If I have to schedule in to that week, I don't run to get my stamp like I should.  I'm working on that.  

The bands help keep my planner closed.  I was going to make my own notes, but they are so inexpensive that it wasn't worth it to print my own.

There are more accessories for the Happy Planner that I don't have.  They have expansion packs for weddings and budgets, and there's even a 6 month extension so your planner will last for 2 years instead of 18 months.  

Right now, I keep my planner with me and the accessories in a cute bag.  I'd like to eventually get the Happy Planner bag because it's so cute.  

So that's how to use a Happy Planner as a blog planner, or at least how I do.  If you have this planner or a similar one, I'd love to hear how you use it for blogging.  

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