08 February 2017

Embedded Melt and Pour Heart Soap Tutorial

This soap was born out of serendipity, to be honest.  I had some deep purple soap that needed to be used soon, so I decided to make some heart shaped soaps with a mold that I got at the grocery store.  I was also making another soap that day in my round soap mold.  When I set the heart mold on top of the circle mold, I noticed that the hearts fit inside the circle very well.  

Learning how to make already colored soap in a heart mold isn't blog post worthy, but I thought these embedded soaps turned out cute, so I decided to blog them.  If you're new to making melt and pour soap, this technique can be used to make embedded soaps of all kinds.

These soaps are cute sitting on a soap dish in a bathroom or even in the kitchen.  They would also make cute Valentine's Day gifts for friends or even teachers.  

Embedded Heart Soap

What You Need:


First, cut your soap into small chunks and place in a Pyrex measuring cup.  This will be the soap that gets embedded inside the other soap, so this one should be colored.  I used some leftover soap that was already colored.  Otherwise, use a colorant.  

Pour into the mold of the shape that you want to embed inside the soap.  Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I made hearts.  

Once the soap sets up completely, unmold it.  

Then place the soap inside another mold to make sure they fit.  I didn't get a photo of the next step, but I put a thin layer of soap on the bottom of the mold.  Then I sprayed it with rubbing alcohol to remove air bubbles.  Let the thin layer sit until it starts to harden, then place the heart on top of it.

 I remembered to take a photo at this step.  I sprayed the heart again with alcohol to stop air bubbles.  Then I melted clear melt and pour soap and poured it over the hearts.

Let it cool completely before unmolding.  I love how simple they are to make, yet they look really pretty.

This recipe can mean doing a little bit of math if your molds aren't labeled.  First, pour water into the second mold that you'll use.  Then pour that water into a measuring cup. An ounce of water liquid measurement is an ounce by weight, so that's how many ounces of soap will fill the mold.  Then calculate for the embedded soap and subtract the two measurements.  Now you know how much soap you'll need for each mold.  

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embedded melt and pour soap recipe
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