14 April 2016

No Sew Fancy Cleaning Gloves

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I used to dread cleaning my house because I thought it had to be perfect.  I thought that I had to clean each room from top to bottom if I was going to do anything at all.  Now that I work and have a family, I know that this isn’t possible.  Some days I can only get the dishes done, and that’s okay.  Lately, the only part of cleaning that I’m picky about is what products I use.  My husband has asthma, so I’m very conscious of the chemicals and fragrances that I use in my home.  That’s why I love Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® products.  I never have to worry about what could be lurking in my cleaning supplies and getting transferred to the surfaces in my home.  And to make cleaning even more fun—and to protect my manicure! — I make my own fancy cleaning gloves. 

No Sew Fancy Cleaning Gloves

I really like the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Lemon Verbena Multi-Surface Concentrate because 

it’s so versatile.  I can use it on my floors, counters, walls, and cupboards to cut through the dirt and fingerprints that seem to accumulate.  It has natural essential oils for a scent, so my house smells amazing. Even better, it doesn’t have phthalates, parabens, chlorine, artificial colors, or glycol solvents!

To wash my dishes, I like Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Lemon Verbena Dish Soap.  I don’t always wear gloves when I wash dishes, but it has aloe vera, which helps keep my hands from drying out.  It’s also made without phthalates, parabens, chlorine, artificial colors, or glycol solvents, so I feel more confident using it on our dishes.

I get my Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® products at Kroger in the cleaning aisle.  They are usually on the top shelf when I shop.  

No Sew Fancy Cleaning Gloves

Being true to my pledge to upcycle and reduce waste, I upcycled an old shirt that had a stain on the top.  This not only helped me save the shirt from the landfill, but it also saved me a step in making the gloves because I didn’t have to hem the edge.  If you use a piece of fabric, you’ll have to hem the edge before you start the project.


  • A pair of reusable cleaning gloves
  • An old shirt or piece of fabric long enough to wrap around your gloves and 4” wide
  • Glue gun
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

I started by marking four inches from the hem on both sides of the shirt and in the middle.  I connected the dots and cut off the bottom of the shirt.  I then cut at the sides so that I have a strip from the front of the shirt and a strip from the back.  

Turn over a few inches of the gloves.  You want the under side when you’re wearing it to be on the top so your seam is on the back of your arm.  Then place about 1.5 to 2 inches of glue on the glove. 

Press the end of the fabric down on the glue.  Use a pencil to press the fabric down on to the glue until the glue dries.  

Keep gluing in 1 to 2 inch sections until you reach the back.  When you do, cut the fabric so you 
have ¼ inch overlapping to make your seam.  You want to completely glue around the glove before you finish your seam.  Then turn it right side out with the open seam facing you.  Place a piece of cut cardboard between the layers of fabric before you glue the seam because the glue could seep through the fabric.

Place a line of glue at the edge of the bottom piece of fabric and glue the top seam to the bottom.  You can cut any excess fabric off if there is any.  You can also sew the seam, but I’ve had good luck with my glue gun.  

What’s your favorite Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® product?

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