27 April 2016

9 Healthy Homemade Smoothie Recipes

Don't tell my kids, but I use smoothies to get some nutrition in them.  They think they are getting a dessert, but I secretly fill them with nutrients and protein.  I'm always looking for new healthy smoothie recipes to make at home so we have some variety.  Here are 9 healthy homemade smoothie recipes for you to try.

9 Healthy Homemade Smoothie Recipes

Orange Banana Smoothie ­ DeliciouslySprinkled
This orange banana smoothie is filled with citrus, and a variety of frozen fruit. It's final texture is creamy, and feels like sunshine!

Very BerryMorning Smoothie ­ Cooktoria
Kickstart your breakfast with this bright red smoothie, mixed with apples, bananas, cherries, and more! Chia seeds are added for a boost of antioxidants, protein, and fiber.

Green Grape, Apple, and Cinnamon Smoothies ­ Grab aPlate
A little bit of grape, a little bit of apple and cinnamon combine in this smoothie great for winding down the summer with. There's still a fresh burst of summer, but cinnamon welcomes the fall!

Fresh StrawberrySmoothie ­ Deliciously Sprinkled
Strawberries are a no­fail for any recipe, and this smoothie is no exception. It's simple to whip together, and a bright way to begin your day.

Lemon Pomegranate Body Booster Smoothie ­ Stacey Homemaker 
Tart, sweet, and filled with antioxidants, this body­boosting smoothie has everything! Each natural ingredient brings a different healthy factor, and you can change up ingredients so this smoothie never gets boring.

Papaya Pineapple Smoothie ­ Wok with Ray
Refreshing and cool, this papaya pineapple smoothie offers a fresh orange summer color, created with ripe papaya and pineapple chunks.

Healthy Chocolate Mousse Smoothie ­ Running with Spoons 
Creamy, thick, and healthy, enjoy this chocolate mousse smoothie guilt­ free. It only takes about 5 minutes to make, and it's vegan! There's also some avocado mixed in, giving it a boost of heart health, eye health, and more.

SpicedCranberry Oat Smoothie ­ Kitchen Treaty
Rolled oats are a fantastic way to pack extra fiber into your day, and they add a unique texture to a fruit smoothie. Tart cranberries bring unique flavor combinations, and there's no added sweeteners.

Tropical Pineapple Smoothie with Flax Seeds ­ Yum in Your Tum 
Pineapple and mango combine in this smoothie sweet with Greek yogurt. Bring tropical to your backyard!

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