03 February 2016

Pink Sugar Scrub Cube Recipe

It's February, which means it's time to get all pink and lovey and pretty.  Last year, I posted an easy pink sugar scrub that was a big hit on Pinterest, and it was even featured on some cool sites.  This pink sugar scrub cube is very similar, but I like the presentation for something different.  I used the same fragrance oil for both recipes because I am in love with it.  Seriously.  It's amazing.  I know several of you ordered it from my other scrub, so be sure to back me up on how amazing it is.  It's like cotton candy with a hint of musk.  I could bathe in it.  I have bathed in it.  You'll love it.  Keep reading for the recipe and where to buy the famous Pink Sugar fragrance.  

Pink Sugar Scrub Cube Recipe

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Pink Sugar Scrub Cube Recipe

This recipes makes about 18 cubes, depending on how big you make them.  This recipe can be affected by the humidity in your home.  My house was very dry, so they fell apart the first time I made them.  I just melted more soap and mixed it with what I had previously made and it set up great the next time.  Just don't heat the mixture once you add the sugar because it will melt.  Melt the soap, let it cool a few minutes, then add it to the sugar mixture.

What You Need

1.  Measure your soap, sugar, and oil by weight.  

2.  Place the soap in a Pyrex measuring cup and heat in the microwave until melted.  Mine took 30 seconds.  

3.  Add a drop of color to the melted soap and stir.  Then add the Pink Sugar fragrance oil until you get the desired scent.  I used about 10 drops.  Add the oil and stir well.  

4.  By now, the soap should be cooled off quite a bit.  If you add the sugar when it's too hot, it will melt the sugar.  You can the nice scrubby action from the sugar, so don't add it until the soap is cool but before it fully hardens.  

5.  Once it's all mixed up, and it will be thick, scoop it in the soap mold.  It should be cool enough to touch at this point so you can use your fingers or the back of a spoon to push it down into the mold.  Let harden for an hour and then flip out of the mold.  Use a knife to cut in to 1" cubes. 

I like to put them in a mason jar until I'm ready to use them.  They look cute sitting on the shelf in my bathroom, so they are functional decor.  Enjoy!

Pink Sugar Scrub With Printable Label

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