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Peppermint Mocha Body Scrub Recipe

This peppermint mocha body scrub recipe smells amazing!  It uses coffee grounds and sugar to naturally exfoliate dead skin cells from your body. I love the app Timehop.  It's so much fun looking back over the years since I've had Facebook over 6 years now.  I like seeing my photos, status updates, and conversations with friends.  Today, my Timehop showed the gifts I'd made for teachers last year. I remember that day very well.  I was so far behind schedule with Christmas, blogging, my Etsy shop, and general life. By the time I got the teacher gifts done before the last day of school before break, I had had more caffeine than any human should ingest in a week let alone a day.  I think I finished about 4 a.m., and I was terrified that we would oversleep and miss the bus!   This year, I've got a much better handle on things.  I wouldn't say that I'm prepared for Christmas, but I do have a solid plan to get me there. Do you ever have that nagging feeling th

DIY Massage Bar Recipe

Ladies, let’s talk openly for a few minutes.  Think back to when you were dating your husband.  Then think about that first year you had after you were married but before you had kids.   Now think about the last few years.  What’s different?  Without knowing you, I can probably guess correctly that there’s a lack of intimacy now versus your first few years together.  If I guessed right, don’t fret, ladies.  This is an easy thing to fix, and your husband will love your attempts.  Keep reading for some tips to add the intimacy back to your marriage and an easy DIY massage bar recipe.   DIY Massage Bar Recipe Flirt Do you remember when you met your husband for the first time?  I do.  I remember trying to get his attention because I was too shy to approach him first.  I smiled at him, and when he would smile back, I looked away.  He used to come to the restaurant that I worked at, so I would walk by him whenever I could so he would notice me.  When we did start talk

2015 Top 10 Posts From Everything Pretty

I'm having a hard time with it being almost 2016.  Wasn't it the 90s like 10 years ago?  With the new year approaching, I like to look back and reflect.  That always helps me see the bigger picture.  Take 2015 for example.  I tried posting some different type of posts, but if you look below, it's fairly obvious that you all love my DIY beauty recipes!  The top post is a food recipe, so maybe that's something that I need to be posting more. Last year, I posted my top 10 most popular posts of 2014 .  Since it was my first one, I included all posts.  This year, I only included my top posts that were published in 2015.  I have some posts that are insanely popular with 100s of repins, so it would be difficult for any new post to break their records.  This evens the playing field a little bit for my newbie posts.

DIY Gingerbread Sugar Scrub Recipe

Can you believe that Christmas is next week?  I'm having a hard time with this. I live in Ohio, so we've usually had several rounds of snow by now.  It was in the 60s yesterday!  I am definitely not complaining about the weather, but it's making it a little hard to get in the Christmas spirit.  My tree is up, the house is decorated, and I'm working on my shopping list.  I'm not as far as I would like on my list, but it will get done eventually.  I like to make something for my friends as a little something to make them smile.  This year, I decided to make this DIY gingerbread sugar scrub recipe.  I would give this to teachers, but my kids are homeschooled this year.  If your kids have teachers, this is a great gift for them too.  Last year, I had two kids in public school, and they had over 10 teachers between them, not including specials!  I definitely understand the need for inexpensive yet awesome gifts.