08 January 2015

Hair Salon Etiquette: 8 Dos and Don'ts

I had a great stylist for years, but I moved and the drive was just too much for me.  After a few years of searching, I found another great stylist.  This girl is absolutely amazing, and I get compliments on my hair all the time.  I don't want to lose her as a stylist, so I'm definitely following the hair salon etiquette rules.

Not to get too off topic, but manners are becoming a thing of the past.  And that's sad.  Going to the salon means forming a professional relationship and being respectful of other people in the salon.  I get a cut and color, so I'm there about two hours.  I see so many rude people just in that time every six to eight weeks, so I'm sure my stylist has some crazy stories to tell!

Hair Salon Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts
Hair Salon Etiquette: 8 Dos and Don'ts

DON'T Use Your Cell Phone

First of all, you don't want teeny pieces of hair, water, product, or dye on your phone.  Talking while getting a hair cut is also rude.  You're not paying attention to the stylist, so she'll have to interrupt when she needs to move your head.  Also, when you talk, you could move unexpectedly and end up with a big chunk out of your hair!  Playing games and checking your social media means your head will be down, which isn't optimal for most cuts.  Besides, no one wants to hear half of your phone conversation.

The only exception is when you're under the dryer or waiting for your stylist.  That's when I play Candy Crush.  My stylist and I like to compare our progress.

DO Be on Time

Your stylist's time is important.  Every minute she's waiting on you means she's losing money.  Be respectful and call if you will be more than 5 minutes late.  If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, you risk putting everyone after you behind  Or worse, she might rush your cut.

DO Be Specific

Especially if you are getting a new cut or color.  Don't be vague at all.  The best option is to take in photos.  I create a Pinterest board and keep the colors and styles I like on there.  Yes, this is another time it is acceptable to use your phone at the salon.  Your idea of caramel highlights might be different than her idea, so take photos or ask to see color samples.

DO Bring A Drink or Food 

I'm at the salon for about two and a half hours for my cut and color.  I do bring a coffee with me and set it aside while she's cutting or dyeing my hair.  Most salons will let you bring a non-messy snack or a covered drink.  Don't bring alcohol or anything that smells because you could bother other customers.

DO Tip Well

In my salon, the same girls washes, cuts, and colors.  If more than one person helps you, tip each one.  In general, you should tip 20 percent.  I've seen women tip $5 for a $75 cut and color that I know took over an hour.  The next time they need an appointment ASAP, I'm pretty sure they won't get it.  I really like my stylist and think she's amazing, so I tip well.  In return, she's come in half an hour early so I can get home in time for my kids and gotten me in the next day without my asking.  She has a great talent, and she should be compensated for it.

DON'T Be Afraid To See Other Stylists

I always feel like I'm cheating on my girl if I have to see someone else.  She takes a vacation every year, and I can't always wait for her to return.  I've asked her who she recommends in that salon.  I also book in advance and ask her when her vacation is so I can plan.

DO Ask How Much You'll Owe

I wish I could walk in and not worry about how much I owe, but I do have a budget.  If I get something different done or a new service, I ask how much it will be so there aren't any surprises.  Don't forget to budget in a tip too.

DO Complain Nicely

If there's a problem, I know you will be upset.  Maybe very upset.  Try to be nice while you complain and let the stylist have a chance to fix the problem.  You can either get it fixed right then or come back in a few days.  Call the salon within a few days if there's a problem.  After a week, most salons won't fix the problem because too much time has passed.  Keep calm and tell the stylist or the manage exactly what the problem is, e.g. your hair is too short, the layers are too long, or the color isn't right.

Do you have any hair salon etiquette dos and don'ts to add?

Photo via Marin / freedigitalphotos.net
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