11 November 2014

Natural Eye Makeup Remover DIY Recipe

Have you ever woken up with raccoon eyes because your eye makeup remover didn't work too well?  Me too.  Just washing my face usually takes off all of my eyeshadow, but liner and mascara are more difficult, especially waterproof mascara.

I used to use a storebought eye makeup remover, but then I read the ingredients.  I couldn't pronounce most of the ingredients, and some were just scary.  Mineral oil.  Sorbic Acid.  Parabens.  No thanks!

I've been making my own natural makeup remover for months, but I don't like it around my eyes because it has liquid castile soap.  Castile soap is great stuff, just not for the eye area.  So I set out to find a natural eye makeup remover recipe that was safe, gentle, and effective.

I found a lot of recipes with baby wash and dish soap, neither of which I wanted near my eyes.  The baby wash has a lot of chemicals in it, so that was a definite no anyway.  I also wanted whatever I used to nourish my skin.   I tested a few recipes, and this is my favorite.

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DIY Natural Eye Makeup Remover
DIY eye makeup recipe.

What You Need


  1. Combine the oil, witch hazel, and water in a small container.
  2. Pierce the vitamin E capsule with a sterilized pin and squeeze in to bottle.
  3. Shake well to combine.
The oil and water will separate, so you'll have to shake this before you use it.  Use a cotton ball to wipe off makeup.

This has water in it, so it does have some risk of spoiling.  It's very important to use distilled water and never tap water.  The witch hazel does offer some protection against spoilage, so this is safe at room temperature for 3 months.  If it starts to have an off odor or looks like it might spoiled, toss it immediately.

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