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Tea Tree Oil Soap Naturally Treats Acne, Breakouts - Recipes Included!

I'm past my teen years, but I still have the occasional pimple. Since I'm trying to use more organic and natural products and avoid chemicals, I wanted a natural way to keep my face clean and prevent breakouts.   Handmade tea tree oil soap is a natural, gentle way to keep my complexion clear, and my skin was softer and healthier after using it. My favorite natural product to treat acne is tea tree oil. It's naturally antibacterial, so it can kill the bacteria that causes acne. You can use it several ways to treat acne, but my favorite way to use it is in a tea tree oil soap recipe. TEA TREE OIL SOAP NATURALLY TREATS ACNE, BREAKOUTS Links in this post may be affiliate links. WHAT CAUSES ACNE? Pimples or zits are smaller red bumps that might be tender. Comedones are clogged pores and can be whiteheads or blackheads.   Pustules contain pus. Cysts are deep pimples and might even be considered a boil. Acne is caused by one or more of several factors.  Our skin ha