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DIY Foundation Recipe Powder and Liquid

Earlier this week, I showed you how to make your own concealer . It uses foundation as a base, so you need to buy an organic foundation if you want an organic or natural product. There are many benefits to buying organic, but it can get pricey. Today, I will give you a DIY foundation recipe for liquid and for powder foundation. The best part? You can make it to match your skin tone perfectly! I know that powder and liquid foundations work differently, so you may have a preference based on your skin tone, age, and skin concerns. I'll teach you how to make both kinds of foundation. DIY FOUNDATION RECIPE If you're not sure which formula to make, read more about the different types of foundation . When you make your own foundation recipe, you know exactly what's in the product, and you can control the quality of ingredients. It's also a lot cheaper to make your own foundation. Have you priced foundations lately? You can spend upwards of $30 to $4

DIY Concealer Recipe

How to make a natural concealer recipe to hide imperfections. I like making my own makeup because I can get the exact shade that I want.  I can't tell you how many times I've bought a foundation or concealer that matched in the store only to get home and find that it's too light or too dark. Making it myself also means that I control the ingredients.  I know exactly what's in the product, so I can keep out preservatives and other ingredients that I don't want. Today, a friend asked me if I had a recipe for concealer.  I didn't, so here we are! Now I know why she couldn't find one--they are hard to find!  I waded through pages and pages of the exact same recipe.  She was looking for something with a little more coverage, and she wanted something natural. I haven't stumbled upon the best recipe ever, but I think I've found something that will help her out. DIY Concealer Recipe LIGHT COVERAGE CONCEALER RECIPE The most popular c

Makeup Expiration Dates: How Long Does Makeup Last?

Like food, makeup has an expiration date.  Makeup, especially liquid formulas, have preservatives that prevent mold and bacteria from growing.  If bacteria growing in your makeup touches your skin, it can cause acne and blackheads, so it's important to toss your makeup when it gets too hold. How Long Does Makeup Last? Some liquid foundations are good for 18 months, but it's best to use them for about a year before tossing them if they are oil-free.   Powder blush is good for 2 years, but cream blush is only good for 1 year.   Lipsticks are usually safe for two years.    Only keep mascara for 3 months after you open it.  Since the product is applied so close to your eye, you can transfer bacteria from your eye to the tube and back to your eye again.  Toss before 3 months are up if the product starts to get dry.  Do not add water to wet it again.   You can safely use an eye pencil for 2 years because you sharpen the point before each application. Powder eyeshadow i