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DIY Avocado Foot Scrub Recipe

Are your feet rough and calloused?  Try this easy DIY avocado foot scrub recipe to soften dead skin and gently exfoliate so your feet are ready for sandal season! The avocado is truly amazing for your skin: The pit exfoliates, the flesh moisturizes, and the peel contains skin healthy oils. DIY Avocado Foot Scrub Recipe What You Need 1 avocado pit 1/2 an avocado 1/4 cup cornmeal 1 tablespoon sea salt Spice mill or coffee grinder Foot basin Directions 1.  Let the pit sit for two days until dry.  Break in to small pieces. 2.  Grind the pit with a spice mill or coffee grinder until it is gritty. 3.  Scoop the fruit out of the avocado half, but save the skin and set aside. 4.  Mash the avocado and cornmeal.  Add 1/4 cup avocado pit powder and sea salt.. 5.  Use a foot basin to gently massage the mixture on to your feet and toes.  Rise with warm water. 6.  Rub any calloused areas with the avocado peel with the inside of the peel next to your sk

DIY Nail Soak Recipe For Strong, Healthy Nails

Are your nails breaking and splitting?  Try this easy DIY nail soak recipe to strengthen your nails and resist breakage.  Eating gelatin in foods can help strengthen your nails, and so can applying it externally.  This is a very easy recipe, and it just takes a few minutes.  It's also a very inexpensive recipe! DIY Nail Soak Recipe What You Need 1/2 packet unflavored gelatin 1/2 cup boiling water Glass bowl Directions 1.  Place gelatin in a glass bowl.  Pour boiling water over the gelatin and stir well. 2.  Let mixture cool until just warm to avoid burns. 3.  Soak your fingertips and nails for 5 minutes. 4.  Take fingers out of the solution and massage the mixture on your nails and cuticles. 5.  Rinse well. Discard any leftover solution.

DIY Heat Protection Spray for Hair Recipe

I just got blond highlights in my hair this week, and my stylist recommended that I use a heat protection spray to protect my hair.  I flat iron at least 3 times a week, so I want to be sure to keep my hair healthy.  Salon formulas are really expensive, and I haven't found a drug store brand that I like.  Natch, I wanted to make my own! I did some research and found that heat protection sprays are used to moisturize your hair so it doesn't get damaged.  If you're a regular reader you know my oil of choice to moisturize my hair: coconut oil !  It's inexpensive, smells divine, and it works! I used my DIY heat protection for hair while my hair was wet, but you could also use it on dry hair.  What I do is warm some coconut oil by rubbing it between my hands.  Then I rub my hands on my head to distribute the oil everywhere, especially the highlights on the top of my head.  When my hair is dry, I use my flat iron as usual. My hair isn't greasy at all, and it feels

How to Use Sally Hansen Wax Strips

I completely forgot to ask for an eyebrow wax when I got my hair cut, but luckily I had some Sally Hansen wax strips at home.  These are awesome because an entire box of wax strips costs less than one eyebrow waxing! When I first started using them, I wasn't sure exactly how I was supposed to get a good arch on my eyebrows.  Maybe I'm not the first person to think of this solution, but I thought it was pretty smart.  And it works great! Crappy iPhone pic! To get a natural arch with a straight wax strip, you need to cut it. 1.  Warm the wax by rubbing it between your hands for a few seconds. 2.  Hold the wax strip up to your brow line, and since they are transparent, you can see your brows through the wax. 3.  Use an eyeliner or lip liner and make draw your brow line on the wax strip.  Since the pencil is waxy, it works well.  You could also use a Sharpie or other alcohol based marker. 4.  Cut the wax strip with scissors. The bottom line is just the bottom of the

DIY Hair Gel Recipe

If you're a regular reader, you know that I have unruly curls.  I have to straighten my hair or use gel or mousse every day.  I prefer to just straighten it, but when the humidity is high, I have no choice but to use product in my hair.  I like the look of gel, but I hate the buildup and the drying alcohol.  So I made my own! I love this recipe so much, I used it for several years.  The only reason I stopped was because we moved to a home with the master bedroom on the second floor, and this DIY hair gel recipe must be kept in the fridge.  I recently started using it again for my curls and to spike my son's hair.  I love that I'm not using any chemicals on his little body, and it washes right now!  No product buildup or other gunk weighing down my hair! DIY Hair Gel Recipe What You Need 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon unflavored gelatin 1/2 cup water Container with a lid Directions 1.  Add 1/2 cup warm water to container. 2.  Ad 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon unflavored

DIY Apple Pulp Pomade Recipe for Sensitive Skin

This easy apple pulp pomade recipe is a great way to moisturize sensitive skin.  Instead of an expensive day at the spa, you can make this to use at home!  Grab your favorite book and make this easy moisturizing mask for your entire body and hair. DIY Apple Pulp Pomade Recipe What You Need 15 medium apples 1/2 cup apricot kernel oil 1 tablespoon lemon zest Directions 1.  Quarter apples and place in a large stock pot. 2.  Add a little bit of water so the apples don't get too dry and burn. 3.  Simmer until the apples are soft like applesauce.  Add more water as needed so it doesn't burn. 4.  Cook for half an hour. 5.  Pour off extra water, if there is any. 6.  Add apricot kernel oil and lemon zest and mix. 7.  When the mixture is warm to the touch, slather all over your body.  For easy clean up, sit in the tub or shower. 8.  Let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing.

How to Get Soft Feet Fast

How to get soft feet fast at home.  These steps soften skin, exfoliate, and moisturize for softer and smoother feet. Yesterday, my daughter wanted to paint her toenails, which is always our mom-daughter activity when the guys are gone.  Unfortunately, my feet needed some serious TLC before I got an at-home pedicure. Naturally, I used my DIY recipes to get my feet soft.  They are just as effective as what you buy in the store, and they are a lot less expensive. Whether you use my recipe or your favorite recipes or even products from the store, you can learn how to get soft feet fast. The trick to getting soft feet at home is to keep your feet soft.  Don't slack on your foot care, or you'll spend more time getting them soft. Most people want to get soft feet fast as soon as the weather breaks and it's time to wear sandals.  That's not the time to start.  The best time to start a few weeks before sandal season.