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26 June 2013

38 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been one of my beauty secrets for years.  This wonder oil is great for both your hair and skin, and it can replace so many items in your beauty stash.  I could probably write a post with 1,000 uses for coconut oil, but I'll just highlight my top 38 uses for coconut oil.


1.  Hair mask
3.  Massage in to scalp to reduce dandruff.  
4.  Use a small amount on curly hair to define curls.
5.  Add to liquid castile soap for a natural shampoo.  
6.  Soothe an itchy or irritated scalp.  


7.  Use as an all over moisturizer.
8.  Rub all over your body before showing so soap doesn't dry out your skin.
9.  Massage oil.
10. Put on minor cuts and scrapes.  It's antibacterial and will help skin heal.
11. Spread coconut oil on sunburned skin.  It soothes as it heals.
12. Natural deodorant because it kills bacteria.
13. Anti-itch cream for bug bites.
14. Fade age spots.
15. Cuticle cream.
16. After shave.
17. Burn cream.
18. Rub on skin before shaving to reduce redness and razor burn.
19. Help heal eczema.  
20. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks.
21. Mix with brown sugar for a natural scrub.
22. Rub on calloused feet for soft feet.
23. Rub on a new tattoo.


24. Use as a moisturizer.  If it's too oily, use only at night.
25. Lip balm.
26. Wipe off makeup with a little bit of coconut oil on a cotton ball.
27. Spot acne treatment.
28. Mix coconut oil and baking soda to brush teeth.
29. Wrinkle cream.
30. Mix with equal parts olive oil to wash your face.
31. Mix coconut oil and honey for a soothing and healing face mask.
32. Scrub lips with a mixture of coconut oil and brown sugar.


33. Eat ¼ teaspoon to soothe a sore throat.
34. Rub on nipples after nursing.
35. Natural diaper rash cream.
36. Hemorrhoid relief.
37. Reduces redness and swelling for minor bruises.
38. Dab coconut oil in nostrils after a nosebleed..

25 June 2013

DIY Strawberry Tooth Whitener

For centuries, people have been using strawberries to whiten their teeth.  This simple DIY tooth whitener recipe is very easy to make and use, but it works very well.

DIY Strawberry Tooth Whitener

What You Need

3-6 ripe strawberries
2 teaspoons baking soda (divided)
1 teaspoon cream of tartar
1 cup water


1.  Puree the berries in a blender and pour in to a small dish.
2.  Use a toothbrush to paint your teeth with the berry mixture.  Let sit for 5 minutes.
3.  Combine water, 1 teaspoon baking soda, and cream of tartar.
4.  Swish in your mouth for several seconds.
5.  Brush your teeth with the remaining teaspoon of baking soda.
6.  Rinse with cool water.

Bonus: this tastes better than other tooth whitening products!

Talk to your dentist before using.

24 June 2013

DIY Avocado Foot Scrub Recipe

Are your feet rough and calloused?  Try this easy DIY avocado foot scrub recipe to soften dead skin and gently exfoliate so your feet are ready for sandal season!

The avocado is truly amazing for your skin: The pit exfoliates, the flesh moisturizes, and the peel contains skin healthy oils.

DIY Avocado Foot Scrub Recipe

What You Need

1 avocado pit
1/2 an avocado
1/4 cup cornmeal
1 tablespoon sea salt
Spice mill or coffee grinder
Foot basin


1.  Let the pit sit for two days until dry.  Break in to small pieces.
2.  Grind the pit with a spice mill or coffee grinder until it is gritty.
3.  Scoop the fruit out of the avocado half, but save the skin and set aside.
4.  Mash the avocado and cornmeal.  Add 1/4 cup avocado pit powder and sea salt..
5.  Use a foot basin to gently massage the mixture on to your feet and toes.  Rise with warm water.
6.  Rub any calloused areas with the avocado peel with the inside of the peel next to your skin.  The oil will moisturize your skin.  Do not rinse off.  Your skin may turn green, but keep rubbing and it will go away.  

22 June 2013

DIY Honey Paste for Soft Hands

Are you hands dry and rough?  Try this DIY honey paste recipe for soft hands.  It's easy to make, inexpensive, and it's like a spa treatment at home.  You probably have everything you need to make this, so let's get started!

DIY Honey Paste

What You Need

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1.  Grind almonds and oatmeal in a spice grinder.  They will scrub away dead skin, so leave some grit.
2.  Combine all ingredients in a bowl.
3.  Rub all over hands.
4.  Put gloves on to keep the paste on your hands.
5.  Leave on for several hours.  Overnight is best.
6.  Rinse paste off with cool water.

See how easy that was?   Do this once a week for best results.

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21 June 2013

DIY Nail Soak Recipe For Strong, Healthy Nails

Are your nails breaking and splitting?  Try this easy DIY nail soak recipe to strengthen your nails and resist breakage.  Eating gelatin in foods can help strengthen your nails, and so can applying it externally.  This is a very easy recipe, and it just takes a few minutes.  It's also a very inexpensive recipe!

DIY Nail Soak Recipe

What You Need

1/2 packet unflavored gelatin
1/2 cup boiling water
Glass bowl


1.  Place gelatin in a glass bowl.  Pour boiling water over the gelatin and stir well.
2.  Let mixture cool until just warm to avoid burns.
3.  Soak your fingertips and nails for 5 minutes.
4.  Take fingers out of the solution and massage the mixture on your nails and cuticles.
5.  Rinse well.

Discard any leftover solution.

20 June 2013

DIY Heat Protection Spray for Hair Recipe

I just got blond highlights in my hair this week, and my stylist recommended that I use a heat protection spray to protect my hair.  I flat iron at least 3 times a week, so I want to be sure to keep my hair healthy.  Salon formulas are really expensive, and I haven't found a drug store brand that I like.  Natch, I wanted to make my own!

I did some research and found that heat protection sprays are used to moisturize your hair so it doesn't get damaged.  If you're a regular reader you know my oil of choice to moisturize my hair: coconut oil!  It's inexpensive, smells divine, and it works!

I used my DIY heat protection for hair while my hair was wet, but you could also use it on dry hair.  What I do is warm some coconut oil by rubbing it between my hands.  Then I rub my hands on my head to distribute the oil everywhere, especially the highlights on the top of my head.  When my hair is dry, I use my flat iron as usual.

My hair isn't greasy at all, and it feels so soft!  I think my hair actually got smoother with the coconut oil in it versus not using any heat protection spray.  My hair even stays smooth and straight after sleeping all night!

You can also try one of the following oil to protect your hair from heat:
Argan oil is a dry oil, but grapeseed oil and olive oil will probably make your hair too oily.  You'll have to experiment with them for yourself.

UPDATE I've been using coconut oil as a heat protection "spray" for several weeks now with blonde and red highlights in my dark brown hair.  My highlights are healthy and look amazing.  My hair is smoother and straighter, and it lasts two full days after I straighten it!  I do spritz a teeny tiny bit of argan oil on my hair just after straightening and brush it out.  Too much argan oil and your hair will be greasy the next day, so go lightly.  

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19 June 2013

How to Use Sally Hansen Wax Strips

I completely forgot to ask for an eyebrow wax when I got my hair cut, but luckily I had some Sally Hansen wax strips at home.  These are awesome because an entire box of wax strips costs less than one eyebrow waxing!

When I first started using them, I wasn't sure exactly how I was supposed to get a good arch on my eyebrows.  Maybe I'm not the first person to think of this solution, but I thought it was pretty smart.  And it works great!

Crappy iPhone pic!
To get a natural arch with a straight wax strip, you need to cut it.

1.  Warm the wax by rubbing it between your hands for a few seconds.
2.  Hold the wax strip up to your brow line, and since they are transparent, you can see your brows through the wax.
3.  Use an eyeliner or lip liner and make draw your brow line on the wax strip.  Since the pencil is waxy, it works well.  You could also use a Sharpie or other alcohol based marker.
4.  Cut the wax strip with scissors.
The bottom line is just the bottom of the wax line.  

5.  Peel the wax strips apart and carefully place them under your brows.
6.  Press them down firmly with a finger.
7.  Gently pull the skin on the outer part of your eye away from your eye so your skin is taut.87.  Grab the wax strip on the outer part of your eye with your other hand and pull quickly.
8.  Cut the strips to get between your brows.
9.  Finish grooming with tweezers as needed.

See how easy that is?  I think these strips hurt less than a professional wax, and my sensitive skin isn't as red afterwards.  I have more grooming to do with tweezers, but that's OK for the price and convenience.

18 June 2013

DIY Rose Petal Vinegar Bath Recipe

Not sure what to do with rose petals after your flowers wilt?  Try this DIY rose petal vinegar bath recipe!  Vinegar restores the pH balance for your skin and hair, so it's an excellent bath soak for itchy skin.

If you use rose petals just after they've fallen off the plant, you will get the same great effect for your skin and hair, but the fragrance won't be as strong.  If you want a strongly scented vinegar bath, use young petals that are still in bloom.

DIY Rose Petal Vinegar Bath

What You Need

2 cups rose petals
1 quart apple cider vinegar
Paper towels
Sterilized wide mouth mason jar
Plastic lid for jar


1.  Spread rose petals on paper towels and let dry overnight.
2.  Bring vinegar to boil on medium heat in saucepan.
3.  Place rose petals in wide mouth mason jar.
4.  Pour vinegar over rose petals.
5.  Cap jar with a non metal lid and let sit for 2 weeks.
6.  Strain and place in sterilized mason jar bottle with a plastic lid.
7.  Use 2 cups in a bath.  Soak for 10 to 20 minutes.

14 June 2013

DIY Hair Gel Recipe

If you're a regular reader, you know that I have unruly curls.  I have to straighten my hair or use gel or mousse every day.  I prefer to just straighten it, but when the humidity is high, I have no choice but to use product in my hair.  I like the look of gel, but I hate the buildup and the drying alcohol.  So I made my own!

I love this recipe so much, I used it for several years.  The only reason I stopped was because we moved to a home with the master bedroom on the second floor, and this DIY hair gel recipe must be kept in the fridge.  I recently started using it again for my curls and to spike my son's hair.  I love that I'm not using any chemicals on his little body, and it washes right now!  No product buildup or other gunk weighing down my hair!

DIY Hair Gel Recipe

What You Need

1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon unflavored gelatin
1/2 cup water
Container with a lid


1.  Add 1/2 cup warm water to container.
2.  Ad 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon unflavored gelatin.
3.  Stir until completely dissolved, and then stir some more.  You should stir for 3-5 minutes.
4.  Place in fridge until set.
5.  Use like you would hair gel.

Use 1/4 teaspoon for a light hold.

Use 1/2 teaspoon for a very strong hold.  This much will make your hair stiff, but it washes right out.

This recipe must be stored in the fridge!  Use within two weeks.

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12 June 2013

DIY Bubble Bath for Kids

My daughter has extremely sensitive skin, and commercial bubble baths irritate her skin badly.  We are eliminating dyes and chemicals in our food and bath products, so I tried this DIY bubble bath for kids so she could have fun without harming her skin.  You can use a skin safe fragrance oil if it does not irritate your child's skin.  It does bother my daughter's skin, so we stick with essential oils.

DIY Bubble Bath for Kids

What You Need

1 egg white
2 packets of unflavored gelatin
1/3 cup liquid castile soap
1 tablespoon oil (olive oil, almond oil, or apricot oil)
6 drops of essential oil


1.  Beat the egg white slightly.
2.  Fold in the unflavored gelatin.
3.  Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.
4.  Start filling the tub with water.  When it is half full, add the DIY bubble bath for kids.
5.  Rinse with cool water after the bath to remove residue.

This recipe makes enough for one bath.  Do not store leftovers.  Do not use with children who may drink the bath water because of the egg white and essential oils.

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11 June 2013

Easy Salt Scrub Recipe for Glowing Skin

This DIY salt glow recipe removed dead skin cells and increases circulation, which leaves your skin glowing.  Use this recipe in the summer before getting a spray tan to gently exfoliate, or use in the winter to freshen dull skin.  The salt can dry out dry skin, but it is great on oily or normal skin.  Salt scrubs encourage your skin to release its natural oils, so your skin will be moisturized and looking great!

DIY Salt Glow Recipe

What You Need


1.  Place salt and water in a bowl and mix until salt is wet.
2.  Fill  a bath tub with 2-3 inches of warm water.
3.  Scrub your entire body, except your face or broken skin, with the salt scrub while standing in the water.
4.  Lie down or sit in the salt water for several minutes to let the salt moisturize your skin.
5.  Rinse with warm water.

You can substitute sweet almond oil or jojoba oil for the water for a moisturizing scrub.  If you use an oil, be very careful because your bathtub will get very slippery!

Discard leftover body scrub.

04 June 2013

Need Glasses? Check Out These Retro Glasses from

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I'm due for an eye exam and new glasses soon.  Picking out frames isn't my favorite way to spend a day, but I am loving these Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses from!  They are very retro, and I love everything retro! They have so many styles for both men and women for all face shapes and style preferences

Derek Cardigan Frames

Since only sells online, they can sell Derek Cardigan and other great frames at about half the cost!  Yes, you can afford these stylish glasses!  And the best part is that you can shop from home in your PJs at any time of the day, and your glasses will arrive to your home in just a few days.

If you''ve never had Designer Eyeglasses, you don't know how comfortable they are.  I used to always go for cheap frames, but with's great prices, I can afford to get designer frames.  Designer frames hold up to everyday wear better, so they look great a lot longer than less expensive frames.

Derek Cardigan Frames

When you buy from, you'll not only look good, but you'll also feel good.  They will donate one pair of eyeglasses to someone who needs them for every purchase!

Dered Cardigan glasses were featured in two big music videos: "I Cry" by Flo Rida and "Brand New Me" by Alicia Keys.  

Derek Cardigan Frame

Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect eyeglass frames for your face shape:

Square - Look for oval or round

Oval - Most frames work well with this face shape!

Oblong - look for tall frames

Round - Angular and geometric shapes

Heart - Bottom heavy frames

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DIY Apple Pulp Pomade Recipe for Sensitive Skin

This easy apple pulp pomade recipe is a great way to moisturize sensitive skin.  Instead of an expensive day at the spa, you can make this to use at home!  Grab your favorite book and make this easy moisturizing mask for your entire body and hair.

DIY Apple Pulp Pomade Recipe

What You Need

15 medium apples
1/2 cup apricot kernel oil
1 tablespoon lemon zest


1.  Quarter apples and place in a large stock pot.
2.  Add a little bit of water so the apples don't get too dry and burn.
3.  Simmer until the apples are soft like applesauce.  Add more water as needed so it doesn't burn.
4.  Cook for half an hour.
5.  Pour off extra water, if there is any.
6.  Add apricot kernel oil and lemon zest and mix.
7.  When the mixture is warm to the touch, slather all over your body.  For easy clean up, sit in the tub or shower.
8.  Let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing.

03 June 2013

How to Get Soft Feet Fast

How to get soft feet fast at home.  These steps soften skin, exfoliate, and moisturize for softer and smoother feet.

Yesterday, my daughter wanted to paint her toenails, which is always our mom-daughter activity when the guys are gone.  Unfortunately, my feet needed some serious TLC before I got an at-home pedicure.

Naturally, I used my DIY recipes to get my feet soft.  They are just as effective as what you buy in the store, and they are a lot less expensive.

How to get soft feet fast! Use this routine with hacks to get your feet ready for summer and sandals. Use baking soda to deodorize, Epsom salts to detox and soak, and a lotion or cream to keep them soft. Includes DIY remedy and natural products for simple fast ways to remove dead skin and scrub it off.  How to have soft feet. Use a foot peel for softer skin. Get baby soft feet.  #softfeed #summerbeauty

Whether you use my recipe or your favorite recipes or even products from the store, you can learn how to get soft feet fast.

The trick to getting soft feet at home is to keep your feet soft.  Don't slack on your foot care, or you'll spend more time getting them soft.

Most people want to get soft feet fast as soon as the weather breaks and it's time to wear sandals.  That's not the time to start.  The best time to start a few weeks before sandal season.