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DIY Recipes for Men for Father's Day

Father's Day is coming quickly.  Do you have a gift in mind for your hubby or father?  Most men won't admit it, but they like to look and feel great, too!  Here is a collection of DIY recipes for you to make for the special man in your life for Father's Day this year. Shaving Soap - Once your man tries this, he won't want to use storebought shaving cream anymore!  My husband says his face is smoother and less irritated when he uses this.  In fact, he hasn't used any other kind in almost 10 years! Beard Conditioner for Men - This helps keep his beard and his face moisturized.  No more flakes under his beard! Aftershave Recipe - Once his beard is trimmed and conditioned, he needs some aftershave.  This link has two great recipes for you to try. Citrus Honey Scotch Ale Soap - This soap recipe uses beer, and it is great for his skin.

Get Your Feet Ready for Summer With Tree Hut Foot Cream

This post brought to you by Tree Hut . All opinions are 100% mine. Even though I love making my own beauty products, I still like to buy some products.  Sometimes I don't have the right ingredients to make my own, so that's when I go for something that is natural -- just like the products I make! Tree Hut Hand & Foot Care products keep your hands and feet soft and smooth.  They have organic shea butter and natural extracts, so they are safe to use without any chemicals or parabens.   I've used a few Tree Hut products before -- I especially like their shea butter scrub! -- but I really want to try their foot cream.  Between working in the garden and wearing sandals all summer, my feet need some TLC!   In addition to  Tree Hut foot cream , they also have Hand Cream and a Foot Scrub available at Walmart nationwide.         Foot Cream : • Certified Organic Sh

DIY Avocado Body Scrub

This easy body scrub uses avocado pits that you would normally throw away to gently scrub away dead skin cells and moisturize your skin.  The next time you eat an avocado, save the pit for this luxurious scrub you can use at home.  If your skin is very dry, use yogurt in this scrub. Don't want to waste any of the avocado?  Try this easy hair Avocado Oil Treatment for your hair! DIY Avocado Body Scrub What You Need 2 or 3 avocado pits 1 cup milk or yogurt Coffee grinder or spice mill Directions 1.  Allow the avocado pits to dry for several days.  Do not let them get too dry because they can break your grinder. 2.  Grind pits in spice mill or coffee grinder until the are a grainy powder. 3.  Combine powder and milk or yogurt in a small bowl. 4.  Spread paste all over your body using your fingertips.  This recipe is safe to use on your face too. 5.  Let sit for 10 minutes before rinsing in the shower. This recipe makes enough for one treatment.  Discard leftove

DIY Peel Off Mask Recipe

Peel off masks are a great way to extract blackheads and get smooth, radiant skin.  You'll pay a lot of money to get this treatment in a spa, but you can make your own at home for just a few pennies per treatment! DIY Peel Off Mask Recipe What You Need 1/4 cup fruit juice (see below) 1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin Double boiler Wooden spoon Directions 1.  Pour juice or a combination of two juices in a double boiler. 2.  Sprinkle unflavored gelatin over juice.   3.  Heat in double boiler for one minute while stirring. 4.  Cool mixture in the fridge for half an hour. 5.  Use your fingertips to spread over your face.   6.  Let dry completely. 7.  Peel mask off your face gently. 8.  Rinse face well.   This makes enough for one application.  Do not store leftovers for later use. Sensitive skin - apple juice Dry skin - cantaloupe or honeydew juice Oily skin - watermelon juice Acne prone skin - tomato juice For more great

DIY Herbal Facial Steam Recipe

Steaming your face is a great way to open your pores to release trapped dirt and oil.  It helps your complexion and makes your skin look beautiful.  Buying a steamer is the easiest way to steam your face, but you can also do it without buying a steamer.  This easy herbal facial steam recipe should be used once a week for clear skin. DIY Herbal Facial Steam Recipe What You Need 2 quarts of water 1 cup dried herbs (see below) Large pot Towel Directions 1.  Boil water in the pot. 2.  Add herbs to the water, cover, and turn off heat. 3.  Let steep for two minutes, then stir and remove the pot from the heat source. 4.  Place pot on counter or table.  Be sure to use a hot pad and be careful moving the pot. 5.  With your face at least 6 inches away from the pot, drape a towel over your head to make a tent.  If the steam is too hot, move your face further from the pot. 6.  Try to steam your face for 10 minutes, but if it not comfortable for any reason, stop immediately.

DIY Dandruff Scrub Recipe

If you have dry, flaky scalp, it could be dandruff.  Try this DIY dandruff oil treatment to moisturize your scalp, gently scrub away flakes and restore your natural pH balance.  Grapeseed oil is recommended, but you could use olive oil, which is high in vitamins that your scalp needs. DIY Dandruff Scrub Recipe What You Need 1/2 cup grapeseed oil (or olive oil) 2 tablespoons cornmeal 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar plastic wrap or shower cap Directions 1.  Place oil, cornmeal and apple cider vinegar in a small bowl. 2.  Stir until a thick paste forms. 3.  Wet hair with warm water. 4.  Place mixture in your hands and gently warm by rubbing your hands together. 5.  Gently massage the mixture on your scalp using your fingertips. 6.  Wrap hair in plastic wrap or put on a shower cap.  Let oil rest on scalp for 30 minutes. 7.  Rinse hair and wash as usual. This makes enough for one treatment.  Discard leftovers. For more great recipes from myself and other bloggers

Easy DIY Vanilla Lip Scrub Recipe for Dry, Chapped Lips

My lips get so dry in the winter, so I use a DIY lip scrub to keep them kissably soft.  Not only is this scrub easy to make, but it is also very effective at loosening dead skin.  Use this easy scrub once or twice a week to keep lips soft.   DIY Vanilla Lip Scrub Recipe What You Need 2 teaspoons white sugar (can use all or part brown sugar for a gentler scrub) 1 teaspoon baking soda 2 teaspoons olive oil (can substitute jojoba oil or almond oil) 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional) Directions 1.  Mix all ingredients in a small bowl. 2.  Apply to your lips with your fingers or a toothbrush.  Gently scrub in small circles for 10 seconds. 3.  Rinse well.  Follow with your favorite lip balm. This recipe makes enough scrub for several uses.  Store up to a week before discarding. Follow me on  Pinterest  for more great DIY beauty recipes from myself and other bloggers!

DIY Mayonnaise Deep Conditioning Treatment

This was one of the first DIY hair treatments that I ever tried, and it is one of my favorites because it is so easy.  It just has one ingredient, but it is a very intensive moisturizer.  Most hair masks call for egg and oil because the protein helps repair damaged hair and the oil nourishes it.  Mayo has both eggs and oil already in it, along with vinegar for sleek hair.  For best results, make your own mayo or use a natural product.  Be sure you use real mayo and not salad dressing. DIY Mayonnaise Hair Treatment What You Need 1 cup mayonnaise Plastic wrap or an old towel Directions 1.  Wet hair with warm water. 2.  Place 1 cup of mayo in a small bowl. 3.  Use your fingertips to massage mayo in to your hair and scalp. 4.  Wrap hair in plastic wrap or an old towel. 5.  Let sit for 30 minutes before rinsing and washing hair. 6.  Use weekly for soft, beautiful hair.

DIY Shampoo For Different Hair Types Recipe

This is a basic DIY shampoo recipe, and you can customize it for your hair color.  The herbs for each hair color bring out your natural shine and make your hair radiant.  Castile soap makes an excellent shampoo, but it does not lather like commercial shampoos.  It cleans well and leaves hair soft, so you won't even miss the suds. DIY Shampoo Recipe What You Need 2 tablespoons liquid castile soap 1 cup water 1/4 cup fresh herbs (see below) 1 teaspoon almond oil Directions 1.  Place herbs in a 10-ounce glass jar. 2.  Pour boiling water over the herbs. 3.  Let steep for 15-20 minutes. 4.  Strain the mixture and place the liquid in to a bowl. 5.  Add castile soap and oil.  Mix well. 6.  Place in plastic bottle when cooled. Herbs for Blond Hair Chamomile Calendula Lemon Peel Herbs for Brown Hair Sage Lavender Cloves Rosemary Herbs for Red Hair Henna Calendula Cinnamon Beets Herbs for Dark Hair Indigo Lavender Sage

DIY Yogurt and Egg Treatment for Flyaway Hair Recipe

Hate to use hairspray to control flyaways because it makes your hair stiff?  Try this conditioning treatment that will soften your hair and control flyaways for a smooth look.  This recipe coats the hair shaft with protein, so it moisturizes and nourishes your hair.  Your hair will be shinier and more manageable.  Use this twice a week after shampooing. DIY Yogurt and Egg Treatment for Flyaway Hair Recipe What You Need 1 egg 6 tablespoons plain yogurt Directions 1.  Whisk both ingredients in a bowl. 2.  Use your fingers to work in to your hair. 3.  Let sit 10 minutes before rinsing with cool water.  Avoid hot warm water because it will cook the egg.

DIY Egg Protein Conditioning Treatment for Hair Recipe

If your hair is damaged or dull, try this easy DIY egg protein conditioning treatment for your hair.  It just takes a few minutes to make, but you need to leave it on your hair for at least 45 minutes.  For best results, let sit on your hair for 2 hours before rinsing.  Since this recipe has oils in it, use before shampooing.  Use a gentle shampoo like Bumble and Bumble Gentle Shampoo . Egg Protein Conditioning Treatment What You Need 2 eggs 3 tablespoons jojoba oil 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon wheat germ oil Directions 1.  Combine all ingredients in a bowl.  Mix well. 2.  Use your fingers to work in to damp hair.  Rub on scalp to moisturize the skin on your scalp. 3.  Be sure to thoroughly coat dry ends. 4.  Wrap hair in towel. 5.  Let sit 45 minutes to 2 hours before washing hair.

DIY Bath and Body Recipes for Mother's Day

Don't know what to get Mom for Mother's Day?  Try one of these easy DIY bath and beauty projects.  They are as fun to make as they are to use, and they make great gifts.  Make one or make all of them for Mom this year!  Just click on the name of the project to go to the blog for full directions. Photo by Rebecca at Soap Deli News Hidden Flower Soap and Salt Scrub Tutorial - This adorable projects combines soap and a salt scrub.  Salt scrubs are a great way to exfoliate while you gently cleanse your skin. Jeweled Soap Loaf Tutorial - These beautiful soaps can be customized the way you want, so you can make them to match a bathroom or use favorite colors.  The easy to follow video walks you through each step! Swirled Melt and Pour - This technique looks great and it is easy to do.  She walks you through each step to make beautiful soap.