06 May 2016

Your Guide to Melt and Pour Additives

Melt and pour soap is easy to make, and you can customize each batch to make a unique bar of soap.  But you can't add just anything to melt and pour because it can irritate your skin - and some natural herbs are even poisonous.  After you've made a few tried and true recipes, you might want to start experimenting with different additives.  Here is a list of safe melt and pour additives.  You'll want to make small batches the first time and test them to make sure they work well so you don't waste a lot of product.

Your Guide to Melt and Pour Additives

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Melt and Pour Additives

Herbs and Fruits

Chamomile blossoms
Coffee beans
Eucalyptus leaves
Green tea
Lavender buds
Lemon peel
Orange peel
Peppermint leaves
Poppy seeds
Rose hips
Strawberry leaf




Sweet almond oil
Cocoa butter
Coconut oil
Olive oil
Palm oil
Shea nut butter


Vanilla pod

Other Additives

Aloe vera gel
French clay
Powdered milk (cow or goat)
Sea Salt
Wheat bran

How Much to Add

Generally, you should add a tablespoon of melt and pour additives for each pound of soap.  You may need more or less for different recipes, so you will have to experiment.  If you want to add two things, use a half of a tablespoon for each one. Adding too much can prevent your soap from setting up.

Other Tips

Do not add fresh fruits or vegetables to melt and pour base because the soap can become rancid.

Avoid using large pieces of herbs or flowers because they can clog your drain and make an uncomfortable bar of soap.

Do not use a harsh abrasive on your face.

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