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28 February 2013

Great Deals on Mustache Jewerly

Mustaches are all the rage right now!  I admit, I wasn't quite sure why they were popular at first, but they have grown on me.  I came across some great deals on Amazon that I wanted to pass along to my readers.

Amazon prices change quickly, so they may be higher when you click on them.

Also, they do ship from China, and they can take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

I have ordered from this company, and everything has been exactly as described.

Mustache Ring $0.71

Mustache Earrings $1.92

How to Use Henna for Gray Hair

Gray hair is notoriously difficult to dye with traditional hair dye. Even formulas made especially for gray may not provide the coverage you need if your hair is mostly gray. Use henna for gray hair to naturally cover grays because it lasts longer than other hair dyes.

Why Is Gray Hair Hard to Color?

Melanocytes, cells in your hair follicles, stop producing melanin as we age. Melanin is what gives hair its color, so lack of melanin makes your hair turn white or gray. Experts do not know why we stop producing melanin, but it may be due to our DNA telling our bodies to stop working or the cells may simply wear out. Either way, most women want to get rid of gray hair fast.

Hair dye works by penetrating the cuticle, but the cuticle on gray hair is tightly closed and difficult to open. If hair color can't penetrate the shaft, it can't dye the hair.

Inflorescence of a Kind of Henna
Henna Plant
How Does Henna Dye Hair?

Henna contains tannin, which is what dyes hair. When mixed with a slight acid, the acid dissolves the cell wall to release tannin. The dye is then released from the dye mixture and binds with keratin in the hair shaft. The longer you leave the dye solution on the hair, the darker the color will be.

How to Use Henna for Gray Hair

It's important to follow the manufacturer's directions exactly for best results. You will need to mix the powder with an acid like lemon juice or orange juice to release the natural tannin. Some henna hair dyes are combined with other herbs and flowers to make different shades of brown or red.

Heat helps release more tannin, so use a shower cap or wrap hair in plastic wrap to trap your body's natural heat. You can also use a hair dryer periodically to heat the solution.

Your hair color may be bright for the first one to two days after you dye it, but henna for dye hair will fade slightly to reveal a beautiful shade that lasts from four to six weeks.

27 February 2013

How to Make Liquid Castile Soap Without Lye

How to make liquid castile soap without using lye.  This recipe can be used for cleaning, washing dishes, or to make shampoos or hand soaps.

Liquid castile soap is a wonderful soap for your hair and body. Since it does not have any additional chemicals, it is also great for sensitive skin. Made from olive oil, it nourishes your hair as it gently cleans to remove dirt and oils.

As wonderful as liquid castile soap is, the price is not so wonderful.  A 16-ounce bottle will set you back about $10.  I use it quite often, so this definitely adds up.

Making a liquid soap is quite a time consuming process, and you'll need a lot of equipment and supplies.  Most people don't keep lye on hand, but you can learn how to make liquid castile soap without lye for cleaning.

How to make liquid castile soap without using lye!  Make it from bar of castile soap. Castile soap is made with olive oils. Use your liquid to make laundry detergent, homemade shampoo, or natural cleaning products. You can also use it to wash your hands or as a natural shampoo.  It cleanses your body.  Or use it as a natural cleaner for your home.  #diy #castilesoap

You can make your own liquid castile shampoo for a fraction of the price of buying a ready-made shampoo, and you can easily do it without using a lot of ingredients or lye.


When I wrote this post five years ago, I never expected the backlash it would get!  Before you rudely comment, yell at me, curse at me, or otherwise degrade me, yes I know that all soap needs lye.  Yes, I know that the castile soap that you start with has lye.  

However, this recipe doesn't use extra lye.  Lye isn't something that most people have on hand.  You can make this without purchasing or storing lye.  That's what I mean by making liquid castile soap without lye.  I'm all for comments - I love them! - but please don't be rude.  I'll delete it.  Thanks!


Castile soap originated in the Castile region of Spain.  It's a very gentle soap that's made with olive oil and no animal fats.

Castile soap is great for your skin and hair.  It's also a wonderful cleaner for the home.

Yes, you can wash your hair, your body, and your floor with the same soap!

Liquid castile soap is a liquid version of the soap.  I use it for cleaning and for DIY bath and body recipes, so I go through a lot of liquid castile soap.

True castile soap is only made with olive oil.  But olive oil doesn't yield a great lather.  Lather isn't necessary to get clean, but people like lather so they know the soap is working.

Most castile soap has coconut oil or another vegetable oil in it to increase lather.

Rebecca from Soap Deli News guest posted here at Everything Pretty with a recipe for a homemade bastile soap recipe.  It is a mild soap made with olive oil, castor oil, and coconut oil.  It would be a great bar to use in this recipe on how to make liquid castile soap.


I use a tablespoon of liquid castile soap in a gallon of hot water to mop my floors with.  I also use it in this dusting spray recipe.

You can also use it in the following recipes:

Click here for more ways to use liquid castile soap.




 Grate the soap using the cheese grater. Using soap flakes helps the soap dissolve faster.

STEP # 2

Heat the water on high heat until it simmers. Measure two cups of flakes to add to the water.


Stir to help the soap dissolve. Turn off the heat and let the soap continue to dissolve for the next hour. Stir occasionally.


If desired, add a teaspoon of lavender or peppermint essential oil.


Let cool completely before you pour it into a container. This recipe will make just over 48 ounces of liquid castile soap.

Like all liquid castile soap, this recipe is very thin. If you do not like thin shampoo, you can use a foaming soap bottle. Fill the bottle halfway with your homemade liquid soap and add water to fill the container.

Castile soap is gentle enough to use on your hair and body. Many mothers use this soap on their children's hair and body without any skin irritation. This is also an inexpensive hand soap for the kitchen or bath.

You can add a teaspoon of body-safe fragrance oil or essential oil if you like to use a scented shampoo. Be sure you look for an oil that is safe to use in soap because candle or potpourri fragrance oils may irritate your skin.

How to Make Liquid Castile Soap

Yield: 48 ounces
Author: Cari Dunn
Estimated cost: $2
prep time: 5 Mperform time: 1 hourtotal time: 1 H & 5 M
How to make liquid castile soap without using lye. This recipe can be used for cleaning, washing dishes, or to make shampoos or hand soaps.



  1. Grate the soap using the cheese grater. Using soap flakes helps the soap dissolve faster.
  2. Heat the water on high heat until it simmers. Measure two cups of flakes to add to the water.
  3. Stir to help the soap dissolve. Turn off the heat and let the soap continue to dissolve for the next hour. Stir occasionally.
  4. If desired, add a teaspoon of lavender or peppermint essential oil.
  5. Let cool completely before you pour it into a container. This recipe will make just over 64 ounces of liquid castile soap.
diy, soap, castile soap
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DIY Clarifying Shampoo

Easy Shampoo Recipe

26 February 2013

Nail Art Favorites From Pinterest

I love Pinterest for nail ideas!  I wish I had the supplies and time to create each and every one of them.  Here are some of my favorite nail art pins.  If you like my style, follow me on Pinterest!

Have you tried nail art from Pinterest?  Or are you like me and just collect ideas?  Someday soon I hope to say I tried some!
Source: via Cari on Pinterest

23 February 2013

Pumice Scrub Soap Recipe

Pumice scrub soap is an excellent way to remove dry, rough patches of skin from your feet, elbows, and knees.  Pumice is a volcanic rock that forms when lava solidifies.  When ground in to a powder, it makes an excellent additive for homemade soap.  Do not use this soap on your face because pumice is too rough for sensitive facial skin.


What You Need

4 ounces melt and pour soap base
10 drops fragrance oil
1 teaspoon powdered pumice
1 teaspoon liquid glycerin
Wooden spoon
Double Boiler
Soap mold

1.  Melt soap in double boiler on low heat.
2.  Stir with wooden spoon until melted.
3  Meanwhile, combine pumice powder and liquid glycerin.  Stir in to melted soap base and stir well.
4.  Remove from heat and let cool slightly.  Add fragrance oil if desired.
5.  Pour in to soap molds.
6.  Let completely before unmolding.
This makes one bar of soap.  You can double or triple the recipe as needed to make extra or make some for your friends.  

You can use any clear or white soap base.  Using a coconut oil base soap is more moisturizing than using a regular base.  

21 February 2013

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

I love using brushes to apply my makeup because they give me more control over how much product and I use and where it goes.  Quality brushes aren't cheap, so I want to make them last as long as possible by taking care of them.  If you don't clean your brushes, bacteria and other germs can get transferred from your face and contaminate your makeup.  You can also transfer color from one jar to another, which changes your whole look.  

Dirty brushes can get stiff, and that can affect your application and irritate your face.  Follow these steps to learn how to clean makeup brushes.

Ideally, you should clean your brushes every day.  If that's not possible, try to clean them once a week to prevent contamination and help them last longer.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

19 February 2013

Easy Lip Balm Recipes

Lip balm is one of my favorite things to make myself.  Making it yourself ensures there is no alcohol, preservatives or chemicals touching your delicate lips.  Alcohol and other chemicals can irritate your lips, which makes you use more balm.

For most of these recipes, you will need a double boiler.  Don't have one?  Make one with a glass bowl that can withstand high heat, so look for one that is oven safe.  The bottom of the glass bowl should not touch the bottom of the pan, so lift it with something.  I use a canning jar ring.

Easy lip balm recipes.

Natural Naked Lip Gloss Recipe - Though called a gloss, this is thick like a balm.  It has a lot of ingredients, but she tells you the benefits of each ingredient.

Peppermint Lip Balm - This site gives you step  by step instructions with pictures.

Natural Lip Balm Recipe - Want to get creative?  This tells you what percentage you need to make your own formula.  This is perfect if you have some oils or butters on hand that you want to use.

Warm Vanilla and Honey Lip Balm - Yummy!

For containers, you can use small jars with lids or a traditional tube.  Most recipes are hard enough to work well in either one.  I prefer to use the jars just because they are easier for me to fill.

For more great recipes from myself and other bloggers, follow DIY Beauty Recipes on Pinterest!

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18 February 2013

Pink Eye Symptoms and Treatment

Conjunctivitis is common among children, but can also affect adults. Pink eye symptoms are uncomfortable, and it needs to be treated to avoid spreading the disease to other people. Pink eye is highly contagious, so it should be treated by a doctor at the first sign of symptoms.
What is Conjunctivitis?
Pink eye is a bacterial or viral infection of a membrane on the eye. Small blood vessels in the eye burst because of the inflammation, and this causes your eyes to get red, which gives the disease its nickname.
Pink eye is uncomfortable, but it should not affect vision. See a doctor when you notice pink eye symptoms for treatment and to prevent spreading it to other people.
SymptomsPink eye
Pink eye symptoms include:
  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Excess tearing
  • Gritty feeling
  • Discharge
Pink eye is contagious for up to two weeks after the first symptoms. Your doctor will be able to diagnose pink eye by examining the area. He may take a sample of the secretion to determine if it is a bacterial or viral infection.
Your doctor will prescribe antibacterial eye drops for infections caused by bacteria. For younger children, the doctor may prescribe an ointment and not eye drops because it is easier to administer. Symptoms will go away in a few days, but you should take all of your medication as prescribed.
There is no treatment for conjunctivitis caused by a virus. The virus will take up to three weeks to run its course and for symptoms to disappear. Viral conjunctivitis is often spread from one to both eyes quickly, so be very careful touching your eye. Wash bed sheets and pillow cases daily. Do not share towels or clothing with anyone during this time.
A warm compress can help reduce swelling and help you find some relief while the medication works. Be very careful not to let the compress touch your other eye, and wash the cover in very hot water after each use.

14 February 2013

Easy Massage Melts Recipe

Happy Valentine's Day!  If you haven't gotten a gift for your significant other, these are quick and easy to make.  These massage melts are a great way to give your lover a massage without messy oil.  They slowly melt when they come in contact with body heat, and they don't leave you or your partner covered in oil.

Quick and Easy Massage Melts
Hard Lotion Bar

In case you don't keep shea butter on hand, you can pick it up on Amazon, or you might be able to find it in a health food store.  Beeswax can also usually be found at a health food store or on Amazon.  


13 February 2013

How to Get Rid of a Hickey FAST

Spending time with your significant other is fun.  Getting a hickey?  Not so much fun.  Learn how to get rid of a hickey fast to avoid embarrassment from your parents, friends, coworkers and boss.  A hickey is just a bruise caused by broken blood vessels just under the skin.  Care for the blemish the same way you would a bruise for fast relief.

1.  Apply ice or a cold compress directly to the spot for 20 minutes.   Let it rest for 20 minutes and reapply. Don't have ice?  Stick a metal spoon in the fridge and let it get cold.  The cold stops inflammation and cause the blood vessels to constrict, which can help the spot heal quicker.

kiss me2.  When blood vessels break under the skin,  blood pools in the area.  Help loosen this pooled blood and encourage it to go away by gently massaging the area.  Use a soft toothbrush or the edge of a coin to gently rub in circles.  The hickey will get redder temporarily when you put pressure on it, but it will soon lighten.

3.  If there's still a spot, cover it with concealer.  For yellow blemishes, use a blue tinted coverup stick.  Use a green coverup stick for red hickeys.  Follow with a thick cream-based concealer to completely cover up the blemish.

Now that you know how to get rid of a hickey fast, you can help get rid of the blemish quickly.  Tell your significant other to be gentler next time, or at least leave bite marks where they are easier to hide.

12 February 2013

Sugar Scrub Recipes for your Face, Feet, and Body

I love sugar scrubs!  They are so easy to make, and they make your skin feel amazing.  Here is a collection of some of my favorite sugar scrub recipes.  Some are easy with just a few ingredients, and some take a little bit of prep work, but they are worth it!

Scrubs are made with an oil to moisturize your skin and something abrasive to remove dead skin cells.  Your skin is constantly shedding to make room for new skin, and the dead skin cells can make your skin look tired.

You should use one of these sugar scrub recipes once a week and no more than twice a week for healthy skin.

Making brown sugar scrub!


Easy Sugar Scrub
Vanilla Olive Oil Scrub
Whipped Pumpkin Scrub


Peppermint Foot Scrub
Lemon Foot Scrub 
Avocado Foot Scrub


Brown Sugar Scrub
Five Facial Scrub Recipes

Brown sugar is gentler than white sugar, so use brown sugar for all or part of the white sugar in a recipe if you have sensitive skin.  Generally, you can substitute any carrier oil for the oil in a recipe.  Olive oil, sweet almond oil, and other liquid oils are interchangeable.  Use a sugar scrub recipe to exfoliate about once a week or as needed.

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11 February 2013

Is a Ceramic Straightener Really Better?

When I switched to a ceramic flat iron, I noticed a difference in my hair the first time I used it.  I can't believe I even owned anything else before that!  It got my hair straighter, and my style lasted longer with my new appliance.

Ceramic flat irons are more expensive than their metal counterparts, but are they really better for your hair? If you use a straightener several times a week, a ceramic one will keep your hair healthier and is easier to use than a metal flat iron. Ceramic warms up faster and distributes heat evenly, which prevents damage to your hair.

Links in this post may be affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission from sales.
Is a Ceramic Straightener Really Better?

08 February 2013

7 Rules for Blue Eyeshadow

The blue eyeshadow trend has come and gone since the Victorian era when blue signified an innocent and weak heart. Over the years, we have seen many shades of blues and different ways to wear this look. To look your best, follow these rules to wear blue hues on your eyes.

1. Not every girl can wear blue.

Women with fair skin and platinum blond or black hair, brown-eyed girls, and dark-skinned women look best wearing blue. Blue eyes and shadow does not always look the best, but since it is a popular color choice, you may be able to pull it off if you apply it right.

7 Rules for Blue Eyeshadow

2. Blend

Invest in a good eyeshadow brush to blend bright eyeshadows. For a modern look, put dark blue eyeshadow near your lashes and use complimentary colors for the rest of your eye. For glamour, sweep a light blue all over your lids and use metallic skin tones under your brows to highlight.

3. Create shadows with light and dark

Use a lighter shade for all over color. Use the dark color only in the crease to highlight.

4. Lay low

Keep dark blue close to your lashes. Dark colors close to your brows make your eyes recede.

5. Liner

Black eyeliner with blue eyes is to harsh, so soften it up and make your eyes pop with indigo or navy.

6. Choose light makeup for your face

If you make your eyes pop with blue eyeshadow, go for a natural look on the rest of your face. Use lip gloss or a sheer lipstick so your eyes pop.

7. Don't match

No matter what color shadow you wear, avoid matching your eyes to your clothes. You want your makeup to compliment your clothes and not compete for attention.

Do you wear blue eyeshadow?

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07 February 2013

Heat Rash Symptoms and Treatment

Sometimes called prickly heat, heat rash can affect people of all ages. It is common in babies, but can also affect adults during the summer. When your pores become blocked, sweat gets trapped under your skin. It can cause small red dots or large red bumps on your skin.
Brutal Heat RashTypes
The mildest form of this rash is called miliaria crystallina. It affects the top layer of skin and forms clear blisters that can break. It is not painful and usually goes away without treatment. It commonly appears in humid, hot weather. 
Miliaria rubra also affects the outer layer of skin, but the rash is deeper in the layer. It is commonly found on infants or adults on bed rest. It causes red bumps on the skin and you may itch or feel prickly. 
Unlike the other two kinds of rashes, miliaria profunda affects a deeper layer of the skin called the dermis. It is not as common as the other two types, but it is more common after exercise or excessive sweating. It causes flesh-colored bumps and stops your body from sweating, which can lead to a fast pulse, nausea, or dizziness. 
Miliaria crystallina and miliaria rubra are usually harmless, but miliarira profunda may require medical attention. Call your doctor if the area swells or gets very red, warm, or painful. Swollen lymph nodes and pus draining from that area all require a medical attention.
Prevention and Treatment 
Heat rash usually disappears on its own, but you can relieve symptoms by reducing how much you sweat. Stay in an air-conditioned room or use fans to cool off. Wear lightweight clothing and avoid exercising. 
More severe rashes may require topical treatments. Your doctor may recommend a calamine lotion to control the itch or a topical steroid.