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How to Make Liquid Castile Soap Without Lye

How to make liquid castile soap without using lye.  This recipe can be used for cleaning, washing dishes, or to make shampoos or hand soaps. Liquid castile soap is a wonderful soap for your hair and body. Since it does not have any additional chemicals, it is also great for sensitive skin. Made from olive oil, it nourishes your hair as it gently cleans to remove dirt and oils As wonderful as liquid castile soap is, the price is not so wonderful.  A 16-ounce bottle will set you back about $10.  I use it quite often, so this definitely adds up. Making a liquid soap is quite a time consuming process, and you'll need a lot of equipment and supplies.  Most people don't keep lye on hand, but you can learn how to make liquid castile soap without lye for cleaning. You can make your own liquid castile shampoo for a fraction of the price of buying a ready-made shampoo, and you can easily do it without using a lot of ingredients or lye. HOW TO MAKE LIQUID CASTILE SOAP WITHOUT USIN