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How to Make Homemade Lilac Soap (Easy Melt and Pour Soap Recipe)

How to make homemade lilac soap recipe with lilac oil.  Lilacs can't be directly added to melt and pour soap, but you can use the dried flowers to make lilac oil to make this beautiful swirled melt and pour soap recipe. In late May, you can't walk anywhere on the farm without smelling lilacs.  The previous owner loved them, so there are about 10 bushes spread around the farm. I have purple, white, and a beautiful lilac that is both purple and white.  Some of the bushes are 15 feet high and have 100s of blossoms. A few years ago, I used lilacs to make lilac oil and then used that in a few recipes.  This year, I wanted to show you how to make lilac soap.     This is a fairly easy melt and pour soap recipe, but it's a fun swirled soap that will look so pretty to give as gifts or even to sell. Lilacs have several benefits for your skin.  Unfortunately, their scent doesn't transfer to the infused oil, but their skin benefits do.

Gardener's Hand Scrub Recipe

How to make a gardener's hand scrub recipe to gently scrub away dirt and debris after gardening.  This Epsom salt scrub recipe is strong enough to get rid of dirt, but the natural oils in the Epsom salt scrub recipe nourish your skin to make it softer. Spring means gardening.  We live in farm country, and we have excellent soil for gardening.  We grow several types of vegetables and herbs so we can preserve them for the year. While my husband does most of the vegetable gardening, I mainly grow herbs in pots on my patio.  However, when it's planting time for the veggies, it's all hands on deck. I don't mind getting dirty while I'm in the garden, but I do like to keep my hands looking nice.  We have a lot of clay in our soil, which dries out my hands like crazy. When I'm done gardening, I head inside to use a hand scrub for gardeners.  This is an easy Epsom salt scrub recipe that also has sugar in it to remove dirt while it soothes irritated skin and nourishes you

How to Organize Essential Oil Recipes (Dollar Tree Recipe Box)

Learn how to make an essential oil recipe organizer.  This is a Dollar Tree DIY organization idea that's very simple to make.  Use it to organize recipes from an essential oil recipe box like Simply Earth's monthly box. I've been making natural essential oil recipes for many years now.  To say that I've amassed a few recipes is an understatement. Until now,  I had them save on Pinterest, posted here, and several notebooks filled with recipes.  I couldn't find a recipe if I needed it. I actually made and sold recipe boxes on Etsy for over 10 years.  I stopped selling earlier this year because the fun had gotten sucked out of selling. Even though I made and sold 100s of recipe boxes, I never made a DIY recipe box for myself for my essential oil recipes.  When I was looking for Dollar Tree craft ideas at the store, I found an adorable little crate that would be perfect for a DIY wooden recipe box. I knew it would make a nice essential oil recipe organizer. I also made

Rose Clay Benefits + Rose Clay Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Learn more about rose clay soap benefits and adding clay to melt and pour soap.  There's a trick to adding clay to soap, and I'll teach you how to do it without clumps in this melt and pour soap recipe with clay. I love using natural clays for DIY beauty products.  I use a clay mask once a week, and it makes my skin so soft and smooth.   I also make a melt and pour soap recipe with clay.  I love the texture of the clay soap, and clay has several benefits for your skin. The May 2021 Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box had a clay melt and pour soap recipe in it, so I wanted to share it with you and talk about adding clay to melt and pour soap and rose clay soap benefits.