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How to Make Halloween Bath Bombs

How to make Halloween bath bombs with an easy recipe.  This uses a layering technique and Halloween themed sprinkles for an afternoon craft that looks like it came from an expensive boutique.    My family loves Halloween.  We have a huge party each year, complete with a DJ and giant Twister.  The kids play Twister all night, and the adults dance for hours. The hubby and I do themed costumes, and the kids spend months planning their costumes.   Somehow, in all of my years of blogging, I only had one Halloween DIY.  How is that possible?  I had to change that this year. These Halloween bath bombs are simple to make, but I love the layering and the sprinkles.  I've used sprinkles in other bath bombs, and I like how they take it to a new level in looks while still being an easy recipe.

How to Make Colored Bath Salts

 How to make colored bath salts with this adorable succulent bath salt DIY.  This is perfect for gift giving.  I used mica, so these bath salts are colored naturally and have a bright hue.  They are naturally scented with an uplifting blend of essential oils. If you're looking for an easy gift idea that looks amazing and will no doubt impress the recipient, this is it.  I had an idea for these succulent bath salts, and I could not be happier with how they turned out. This is a cup of bath salts ready for soaking with an adorable bath melt succulent sitting on top.  You or the recipient can dump the entire thing in the bath tub and enjoy soaking in the salts plus get the moisturizing benefits of the butters for the skin. This looks like a boutique bath and body item, but it's so easy.  You can make several of these in an hour, so it's a good gift for groups like a book club or even teacher gifts.

Pumpkin Body Scrub Recipe

Learn how to make a pumpkin body scrub recipe to exfoliate and nourish your skin.  The natural enzymes in the pumpkin and the salt will leave your skin glowing and feeling so soft. I'm going to blame it on the crazy weather we're having this year, but my skin has been dry and tight.  The Epsom salt Council recently sent me some Epsom salts to use in a recipe, so I decided to try their pumpkin spice salt scrub recipe.   Normally, I use sugar in my body scrubs, but salt scrubs are more abrasive, so they exfoliate better.  I liked that this recipe also has pumpkin.  Pumpkin has many benefits for your skin and acts as a natural chemical exfoliant. I love fall, and I love pumpkin spice.  I added some pumpkin spice to give this a little extra scent.  It smells so good!

Fall Stove Top Potpourri Recipe (Simmer Pot)

Make your home smell amazing with a fall stove top potpourri recipe.  This simmer pot is easy to make and has spices and fruits that will fill your home with a delightful autumn scent.  It's 80 degrees outside and we have the air conditioner running, but I'm still moving on to fall.  Fall is my favorite season.  I love the smell of the crisp air and the cooler temperatures. I also love the scents of fall.  It's when pumpkin, apple, cranberries, and spices like cinnamon and cloves get their time in the spotlight. I used to burn candles obsessively.  I don't anymore because of asthma, but I miss the scents.  I do make my own wax melts with essential oils, but I also use this fall stove top potpourri recipe sometimes.   I work from home, so I have plenty of time to make things like this.  Otherwise, it's a great recipe to use when you're expecting company.