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No Stink Body Spray Without Alcohol Recipe (With Essential Oils)

Learn how to make a no stink body spray without alcohol.  This recipe is from the September 2020 Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box.  This is an easy recipe that helps reduce odors and help you smell fresh, even in the hot summer. It's summer, and that means heat and humidity.  This summer has been particularly warm.   Simply Earth sent me the September 2002 Essential Oil Recipe Box early.  It has a great theme, and one of the recipes is the No Stink Fresh Body Spray Recipe.   I've made body sprays before, but they had cyclomethicone or alcohol in them.  I will use alcohol in sprays when needed, but it really does bug my asthma. I liked this body spray without alcohol recipe because it's easy to make.  You only need distilled water, a carrier oil, and essential oils. This body spray also doubles as a deodorizer for shoes.  You can also spray it in the air to deodorize the air.   The essential oils and spray bottle are in the September box, and the carrier oil is in the f

Bug Repellent Rollerball Recipe With Essential Oils

 Use this bug repellent rollerball recipe with essential oils to naturally repel mosquitoes and other bugs.  This natural bug repellent is safe for children 10-years-old and older.  It's easy to make and comes with the September 2020 Simply Earth recipe box, or you can make it with your own supplies. Summer is coming to an end, but no one has told the mosquitoes.  I can't even sit outside for more than a few minutes without getting eaten alive.   When I got my September 2020 Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box, it had a recipe for a bug repellent rollerball recipe with essential oils. That was the first thing that I made!   This is a very quick and easy natural DIY recipe.  If you get the box, you'll get everything that you need to make the recipe. If you're reading this after the box sold out, don't worry!  You can still get the supplies to make your own from Simply Earth.

How to Make Cupcake Bath Bombs + Foaming Bath Whip Frosting Recipe

Learn how to make cupcake bath bombs and get a foaming bath whip frosting recipe that's made without meringue powder.  I made rose gold bath bomb cupcakes with a fun jelly bean essential oil blend.   I'll be the first to admit that bath bombs aren't my favorite things to make.  I've had a few failed batches, mainly due to crazy high humidity in my house.   Now that I've made several batches with no failures, I wanted to get into some fun recipes that move a little further from the basic round bath bombs.   To be honest, I still don't like making round bath bombs.  I'd rather use a single mold or even a silicone mold.   Learn how to make cupcake bath bombs with a mini cupcake tin—no special equipment needed!—and make a foaming bath whip frosting to top them. You can make large cupcakes if you want.  You'll probably want to double or triple the recipe because this only makes 8 mini cupcakes.

Yogurt Hair Mask Benefits + 7 Easy DIY Recipes

Learn more about yogurt hair mask benefits and get several easy recipes to make your own at home.  Yogurt hair masks are good for all hair types, including dry hair or damaged hair. My hair is naturally curly, which means that's it also dry and frizzy unless I use a hair mask once a week.  Since I make my hair masks, I've used a lot of hair masks.  I've used butter, oils, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, and more.  My hair always felt great, but it needed something more.   My hair craves oils, but oils make my hair, well, oily.  They weigh down my hair and don't wash out completely. One yogurt hair masks benefits is that it washes out and doesn't weigh down my hair.  It leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturized, and it's easy to wash out. DIY yogurt hair masks are easy to make, and you can add oils and other ingredients to make a custom mask just for your hair type. Keep reading for yogurt hair mask benefits and other ingredients to add and their benefits.