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05 November 2019

Things to Make Life Easier For Older Adults

Thank you to Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield for sponsoring this post. As always, all enthusiasm is my own.

If your older loved one is living alone, here are some things to make life easier for him/her.  By improving nutrition and safety, both of you will feel more confident in your loved one's ability to be happy and healthy at home alone.

My mom's independence is important to her, but it's also a concern for me as her caregiver.  Over the last few years, it's become more and more evident that she needs some extra help.

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She wants to stay at home as long as she can, so I help her as much as I can.  While I want to help her, being a caregiver is stressful.  It's worth it, but I need to take steps to make it easier, so I have time to be a mom to my own kids, work, and help her.

Over the last year, I've been taking steps to help support my mom and make caregiving easier and less time consuming.  Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers access to services that can make caregiving easier for people like me, so that older adults, like my mom, can get the help and support that they need.

Things to Make Life Easier For Older Adults

This is my third post in a series about caring for the elderly.  Based on the age of my readers, I'm guessing that several of you are in the same life situation  or will be in the coming years.

If you're caring for an aging parent, be sure to check out my tips for caregivers of elderly.  I also talked about whole person health care and why it's important for the elderly.

Meal Prep

For my mom, one of the biggest things to make life easier was to help with meal prep.  She lives alone, and cooking for one isn't easy.  She has some dietary needs and problems with meal prep, so I give her hand with her cooking.

She has a small freezer, so I cook her freezer meals that she can thaw as needed.  When I'm making food for my family, I freeze leftovers for her.

Things that freeze well are:

  • chicken noodle soup
  • chili
  • meatloaf
  • pasta dishes
  • egg dishes

I also precook some types of meats for her to reduce her meal prep time.  I use my pressure cooker to cook several chicken breasts at once and then cut or shred it and freeze in smaller portions.  She can just grab a pack of chicken and use it to cook her meal.

She also needs help meal planning.  This keeps her on track with her dietary needs, and then she doesn't need to go to the store for any ingredients since it's not always easy for her to get to the grocery store.

I've made cards with recipes and shopping lists on them.  She can grab a card from the breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack stack to create her meal plan and shopping list.

With its 2020 Medicare Advantage plans, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield will also help older adults who come home from the hospital or have chronic conditions by giving them the option of with healthy, home-delivered meals.  They will give health plan enrollees the option of nutrition support and counseling.

Home Helpers

My mom isn't able to do as much as she'd like around the house.  My kids and I help as much as we can, but we can't be there every day.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield also offers access to personal home helpers to help with daily activities.  This will really make life easier for many older adults!


My mom is trying to stay active so she doesn't get lonely.  She joined a Bible study and book club because she likes to read a lot.  She lives in a retirement community, so she sees her neighbors often, too.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield also gives enrollees the option of access to adult day center visits which can help combat loneliness.  This can be a big help for caregivers since many live far away from their loved one.  This type of service can put a caregiver’s mind at ease that their loved one has some place to go and things to do.

Transportation Services

My mom still drives, but she's not always able to get to doctor's appointments if they are far away.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield also gives members the option of health-related transportation services.  This can be big time-saver and stress reliever for caregivers as they often work and have other commitments.

If you're caring for an aging loved one and need ideas for things to make life easier for him/her, check out the new Medicare Advantage plans from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield to see what services are available.

The annual enrollment period ends on December 7, 2019, so you and your loved one need to make a decision soon.  Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has plans that provide whole person care, which is very important to me as a caregiver.

This year, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield expanded their services to add the option of nutrition support and counseling, pest control, and service dog support.  They also offer healthy food delivery, transportation for health-related appointments, adult day centers, alternative medicine, and personal home helpers to make life easier for the elderly.

Providing whole personal health care and reducing barriers to health care can make it easier to manage chronic health conditions and help the elderly reduce preventable health related conditions.

Visit Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield to learn more before the enrollment period ends in December.

Thank you to Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield for sponsoring this discussion.

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Simple things you can do to make life easier for the elderly.  If you are a caregiver of a parent or loved one, this information about Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Medicare Advantage plans Can help you and your loved one. #AgeWell

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