Introducing CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders
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We have an autism house, so we do things a little differently.  Toys and other things are lined up in a straight line.  My fridge is covered in laminated visual aids to help make our days go smoother.  And we really like chicken tenders.

All three of my kids would be perfectly happy to have chicken tenders every night.  I joke that my boys eat so many chicken tenders that we are just planning on having them catered for their weddings.

Sometimes it's hard to find a balance between the foods that they will eat and healthier foods, but now we can have both with CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders.

CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders

I picked up a bag of CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders at Kroger in Mansfield, Ohio, for my kids.  Okay, maybe for me too.

CAULIPOWER is making you rethink your favorite foods with better for you alternatives.  They are the ones that made the cauliflower crust pizza for a healthier alternative to pizza.  Pizza is my favorite food, so I am eternally grateful for this option!

Now they have a cauliflower "breaded" chicken tender!

I found CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders at my local Kroger store.  It's the lowest-calorie chicken tender in the freezer aisle with just 490 calories per bag!

They are regular chicken tenders, but they are coated with a cauliflower coating.  They are also gluten-free if you or your kids are avoiding gluten.

They are baked instead of fried, so they have 86 percent less fat than other chicken tenders or nuggets in the freezer aisle.  Substituting cauliflower for the breading also reduces the net carbs by 29 percent!

Each 96 gram serving has only 120 calories and 1.5 grams of fat!  They have 22 percent more protein and 21 percent more fiber than other tenders.

And they are made from all-natural chicken.  The chicken they use comes from cage-free chickens and they are raised with no antibiotics ever.

They are available in Original and Spicy(ish).  Dakota and I prefer the Original, and my husband and boys like the Spicy(ish).  We are a house divided, I guess.

I'm stocking up on these for snacks and dinners.  I'm so glad to have found a healthier option for my family without sacrificing convenience.

Ready to try CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders?  Head to Kroger and get the only BAKED (not fried) chicken tenders in the freezer aisle.  Click here to print a $2 OFF coupon

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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