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Relaxing Bath Salts Recipe With Kid Safe Essential Oils

How to make a relaxing bath salts recipe with kid safe essential oils.  These bath salts have magnesium flakes, so they don't irritate the skin like Epsom salts can. Raise your hand if you and your kids get enough sleep.  No one? Sleep is definitely lacking in my house.  I have two with a delayed sleep cycle, one of which has autism.  My fellow autism moms know that autism means never sleeping. Thankfully, he's 13 now and doesn't wake me up every night.  But I was pretty much a walking zombie the first 10 years of his life. I am not exaggerating when I say that he didn't sleep more than 90 minutes at a time the first four and a half years of his life. He was born and didn't so much as close his eyes let alone sleep for two days.  My oldest slept constantly, so I was not prepared for this child who could exist on mere minutes of sleep at a time. Even now, he's been known to be awake more than 35 hours at a time.  We've seen doctors and sleep psyc

Magnesium Oil Spray for Sleep Recipe Kid Safe

How to make a kid safe magnesium spray for sleep.  This uses a blend of essential oil that are all safe for kids over the age of 2.   Sleep.  No one here gets enough  I have two kids with delayed sleep cycles, so they sleep from 5 am to 11 am or noon.  Thank goodness for homeschooling. Ironically, my only neurotypical child doesn't sleep.  One with autism sleeps and the other one does not.   The one with autism that doesn't sleep didn't sleep for more than 90 minutes at a time until he was four and a half years old.  Even now, he can be awake for more than 35 hours before he falls asleep for a few hours.   I have treated my kids with autism with natural supplements after doing extensive research.  I won't go into all of that here because I'm not a doctor or pretend to be one. I will say that magnesium is one of the things that we tried that we continue to use.  I had a magnesium oil spray that I was using.  We ran out of that, so I wanted to make a magnesium

Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Bath Salts Recipe

This cute pumpkin spice chai tea bath salts recipe makes a great gift.  It uses magnesium flakes, so you can learn how to make bath salts without Epsom salts.  It's scented naturally with a pumpkin spice essential oil blend. I'm sad to see summer go, but I'm glad it's pumpkin spice season.  I wanted to make a bath salts recipe with tea, so why not make pumpkin spice bath salts with tea? I didn't want just a boring bath salts with just salts.  This is a gift, so I wanted it to look cute and more interesting.  I combined magnesium flakes and sea salt for some texture, then I added some tea for more texture and color. Epsom salts are usually used in bath salts for their therapeutic properties.  Epsom salts are great, but they can irritate some people's skin.  Learn how to make bath salts without Epsom salts and still get the benefits of magnesium. These adorable bath salts smell just like pumpkin spice with a natural essential oil blend.  The blend that

9 Best Carrier Oils for Skin

What are the best carrier oils for skin?  Does it matter which carrier oil you use?  Learn more about the best carrier oils to use and their benefits for your skin. Carrier oils are kind of a big deal here at Everything Pretty.  I use them in my DIY beauty recipes often, and I carefully choose the best carrier oil for my recipes based on their different properties. Each carrier oil has its own unique benefits for your hair and skin.  If you're using it to make a roller bottle, it really doesn't matter which one you use since it's such a little amount on your skin. But if you're using a carrier oil for a DIY beauty recipe like a lotion, salve, or face oil, then it absolutely matters which carrier oils for skin that you use. Oils have different fat compositions.  Some are dry oils; some are wet (heavy) oils.  Some won't clog pores, and some have antibacterial properties.   Choosing the best carrier oil for your skin depends on how you're using, where you&#

Apple Pie Spice Oatmeal Doughnut Rebatching Soap Recipe

Rebatching soap is a great way to turn a not so pretty bar into a brand new pretty bar.  Learn how to rebatch soaps into an apple pie soap with oatmeal. Everywhere you look, it's pumpkin spice.  Coffee, shirts, desserts, and even soap.  Apple is like the kid sister to pumpkin. Apple always gets overlooked.  It always takes second place to pumpkin. I love me some pumpkin.  I've made several of my skinny pumpkin spice lattes and have made some pumpkin bread. But apples are my favorite.  I have an orchard, so I have several types of apples.  I turn them into pie filling that I can, apple sauce, and more yummy apple filled desserts. I am still working my way through the box of hotel samples my neighbor gave me.  Sure, I could use them as it, but that's no fun. I'd rather learn how to rebatch soap to turn them into something pretty, like this apple pie soap.  I've already made lemon poppy seed muffins with rebatched soap, so this time I made an apple pie

Pumpkin Spice Essential Oil Blend + Fall DIY Bath and Body Recipes

Smell like fall with these pumpkin spice essential oil blend recipes.  How to make several kinds of DIY pumpkin spice bath recipes, including soap, bath bombs, and more. Fall has been renamed Pumpkin Spice Season.  If you don't like pumpkin spice, I'm sorry, you'll just have to be patient until peppermint season. I happen to love pumpkin spice season.  Give me all the pumpkin spice things from food to coffee to DIY bath and body recipes. If you were here last year, then you know that I went a little pumpkin spice crazy.  I used it for so many different projects that even I got sick of pumpkin spice. The posts were all really popular, so I'm guessing that you all love pumpkin spice. I wanted to use a pumpkin spice essential oil blend recipe in my DIY pumpkin spice bath and body recipes.  I use Crafty Bubbles essential oils, so I asked the owner to make me a pumpkin spice blend. He did, and he nailed it.  It smells just like fall, and it's perfect f

Flourless Chocolate Zucchini Muffins Healthy

How to make flourless zucchini muffins healthy.  These chocolate zucchini muffins make a great snack, dessert, or even breakfast for your family. I remember my grandma making zucchini bread every summer.  She'd always freeze a few loaves to enjoy during the holidays. When I got older, I got her recipe and started making it.  My kids love it as much as I did.  We're trying to not eat white flour or refined sugar, so I wanted a healthier option. I do still make my grandma's recipe with all of its white flour and white sugar sometimes.  I'm all for eating healthy, but that bread brings back memories of my childhood.   Normally I use white whole wheat flour for part or all of the flour.  This flourless chocolate zucchini muffins healthy recipe uses banana and a nut nutter for the bulk of the recipe.   Flourless Chocolate Zucchini Muffins Healthy This year, we have a lot of zucchini to use up.  When we planned the garden this year, I told my husband we only needed two zucch