Get the Cheapest Medicine With ScriptSave WellRx Prescription Discount Card
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How to get the cheapest medicine with ScriptSave WellRx© prescription discount card.  This free program helps you compare prices at pharmacies to get the best price.

With five members in our family, medical costs can get high.  Even with insurance, high copays and deductibles can put a serious dent in our monthly budget.  A few of us have monthly prescriptions that we fill each month, and if one of us get sick, that adds to the cost.

How to save money and find the cheapest medicine with ScriptSave WellRx prescription discount card

One member of the family has a monthly prescription that works well, but our insurance won't cover it because they cover a different medication that doesn't work as well for him.  

We took the prescription to the pharmacy to see how much it would be, and the pharmacist told us about the ScriptSave WellRx prescription discount card.  

By using the card, we save a little over $60 per month on just one medication.  Often, our insurance covers the medications and don't have to use the card, but I do still check the app for each refill, and we have saved on other prescriptions.

Just this week, I had a horrible ear infection.  I left the doctor with two prescriptions that I knew would be expensive because I'm allergic to penicillin, and other antibiotics are always more expensive.

I was able to search the app for the cheapest medicine on my phone before I left the parking lot.  When you're in pain and just want to get home, this is invaluable.  


The ScriptSave WellRx prescription discount card is a free card and app to help you save on your prescriptions.  You can use it at your regular pharmacy even if you have insurance to save even more money.

I've found that some prescriptions are cheaper to pay cash than to run them through the insurance with a high copay.  

This app and card are perfect if you have no insurance or if you have high deductibles or copays on your prescriptions.  

The app is free, it's free to sign up, and there's no monthly fee.  You won't save on every prescription every time, but there's no risk to check the app and see how much you can save.

Click here to learn more about ScriptSave WellRx prescription discount card and use code BEAUTY when you sign up.


The app now has Personalized Wellness and Grocery Guidance.  You can set it up with your health information, allergies, and any meal or diet plans that you're following.

Then search for an item or scan the bar code to get the WellRx Food Index.  This is a score from 1 to 100 of how well that choice aligns with your needs.

This is like having a personalized nutritionist in my back pocket.  I use this a lot to help me stay on track.


Remember we had to use this for a prescription that our insurance doesn't cover?  I got an alert saying that the price had dropped at a different pharmacy, so we could change pharmacies to save even more money and get the cheapest medicine.  I like the peace of mine that I don't have to search every month to get the best deals.


My life is crazy busy, so I don't remember to refill my prescriptions until I reach for them and find an empty bottle.  The app will remind you several days before you need to refill at your specified time.

Our prescriptions are supposed to be on autofill at the pharmacy, but every few months that just doesn't work anymore.  Now I can stay on top of them.

Are you ready to use ScriptSave WellRx to find the cheapest medicine with the prescription discount card?  Click here to get your free savings card and use code BEAUTY when you sign up.

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How to save money and find the cheapest medicine with ScriptSave WellRx prescription discount card

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