Brandless Reviews: How to Save on Products for a Healthy Home
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Is Brandless Legit?  Read my Brandless reviews to see how I save on products for a healthy home.

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Brandless has been popping up in my Facebook newsfeed more and more often.  I'd browsed the site and liked how the products were less expensive than in the store.  More importantly, their products align with my vision for a healthy home.

Their products vary, but most are non GMO and organic.  Their cleaners are non-toxic, and their beauty products are cruelty free.  They make "better for you" products and great prices.  But is Brandless legit?  I ordered, and here's my Brandless reviews of several products.  

They contacted me a while ago and asked me to do Brandless reviews on their new health and beauty products.  I saw a lot of things available that I use in my DIY beauty recipes or ingredients that I cook with, so jumped at the chance to review their products.



Brandless is a brand of, well, unbranded products for the home.  They have products for the home, pets, cleaners, food, beauty, personal care, and wellness.  

Their food products are non-GMO and free of artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors.  Their beauty products are cruelty free and free from over 400 questionable ingredients like parabens, SLS, sulfates, and phthlates among others.

Their cleaning products are non toxic and an EPA Safer Choice or Green Seal Certified without sacrificing quality or performance.  Their paper products are made from sustainable bamboo or sugarcane fiber.

There are some products that I'm picky about and stick to one brand, but for most products, I try to find a balance and choose the best quality for the price.  

When I'm choosing a brand, price isn't my determining factor.  I also look at performance, and I prefer to buy natural products.  

I prefer non-GMO food, and I have to buy food with no added dyes because my son Caleb can't eat food dyes.  

Brandless has free shipping when you spend $48, so that's what I spent to avoid shipping costs.  I felt like I got a lot of stuff for my money for my Brandless reviews.


Brandless has been adding more products to their health and wellness.  I chose melatonin, a hair and nail supplement, and a turmeric and black pepper supplement.  

I'm happy with the quality of all of them.  The melatonin and the hair and nail supplement are about the same price that I pay for my other brand, but the turmeric supplement is a lot cheaper through Brandless.


I tried the moisturizing Green Tea & Aloe shampoo and conditioner and the foaming Eucalyptus and Lavender hand soap.

The price of the shampoo and conditioner was less than what I was paying in the store.  It's safe for color treated hair, and it smells amazing.  My hair feels great since I started using it.

I have eczema, and hand soap is a big trigger.  I'm happy to report that the Brandless soap does not trigger my eczema!

The cotton balls and cotton rounds were more than from the big box store, but they are are softer.  They are also organic, so I'm fine paying a little more.  

I'm going to use the cotton rounds in a DIY project soon, so sign up for my newsletter to get updates.  


Putting these in a food category is a little misleading because I'm using the maca powder, tropical fruit blend, raw ACV, and the green tea in DIY beauty recipes.  

Each of these were the same price or cheaper than what I was buying in the stores.   

Coconut sugar is my sweetener of choice because it tastes the most like sugar without an aftertaste.  I use the coconut flour in baking, and I used them in my grain free dog pumpkin dog treat recipe.  


I'm happy with the products that I got.  I did have to crunch some numbers while I was shopping.  Some products I could get cheaper locally, but the majority of the products that they offer that I buy regularly were the same price or cheaper at Brandless.  

The cotton balls and cotton rounds, for example, do cost more at Brandless than the big box store.  However, the ones in my Brandless reviews are made with organic cotton.  I wasn't buying organic before, so I can't compare the prices of organic to organic.

They are also softer.  It's definitely worth it for me to spend a little more for organic and higher quality.

Brandless - Better Stuff, Fewer Dollars.

I like having a place where I can buy better for me products quickly and easily.  When I'm at the store, I have to read each label.  At Brandless, I know that their products align with what I buy for my family.

I also love that I can get free shipping at just $48.  I work full time, homeschool, and the kids have various activities that they are involved in.  I don't want to spend my free time at the grocery store. 
You don't have to do a subscription or have a membership to shop at Brandless.  You can order items when you need them. 

They also offer subscription options, so you can get items you use frequently automatically shipped so you never run out.  For each subscription box they ship, Brandless donates two additional meals to Feeding America.

So is Brandless legit?  Yes!  From my Brandless reviews, I will definitely return for more products.  

Are you trying to live a natural living lifestyle? Try Brandless products for all natural living. Read this Brandless review for beauty, food, shampoo, and conditioner.  Is Brandless legit? See what products I bought and how I like them.  #brandless #natural #shampoo #conditioner #beauty #wellness

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