What is Orby TV? My Orby TV Review and Information
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We recently switched to Orby TV, and it's a great choice for rural living.  Learn what is Orby TV and read my review.  

This post is sponsored by Orby TV.  As always, all opinions and enthusiasm is my own.  

When we moved to the farm six years ago, we were prepared for a new way of living.  

We were prepared to get animals (chickens and goats) and care for them.  We were prepared to plant a large garden, tend it, and preserve the food we grew.  We were prepared to care for the lawns and fields.

What we were not prepared for was the lack of utility services in the area.

We have two choices for Internet: slow and slower.  Cable television isn't even offered on my road, and they won't connect to a house half a mile from the road anyway.  

We decided to go with satellite TV about two years ago, but we aren't happy with the service.  The bill keeps climbing, and we are paying almost three times as much as we were supposed to be paying per month.  

When you have a farm and spend a lot of time doing chores outside, television shouldn't be a big part of our budget since we just don't have much time to watch it.

Last month, I was introduced to Orby TV.  We made the switch, and we couldn't be happier.


Orby TV is a brand new type of satellite TV.  It's a prepaid service, and it's a lot cheaper than other satellite companies without having to sign a contract.  There's also no credit check since it's prepaid.   
I like not having a contract because I've always turned off the cable in the summer because we just don't have time to watch it.  We spend most evenings working until dinner, then we swim or play outside until well after dark. 

The satellite TV we had used Internet to record.  Since we already have slow Internet, this starts to interfere with my online work and the kids' homeschooling. The Orby TV receiver doesn't use Internet, so there's no Internet speed loss, even when recording shows.  

Perhaps the best part is that Orby TV is only $40 a month for the Essentials Package and $50 a month for the Extras Package.  That price includes taxes and fees, so there are no hidden charges.  (See what channels are included in each package.)

That's not an intro rate.  My current provider kept creeping up the price, but this won't change unless I change my package.

You do have to buy your equipment upfront.  They have a basic receiver at Best Buy or at Target and a DVR receiver at Best Buy or at Target.  We got the DVR receiver because we would never watch TV if it weren't for the DVR.  

Since you own your equipment, you don't  have to pay a monthly fee to rent it or to buy insurance.  The equipment will pay for itself in just a few months.

Orby TV uses an antenna for local channels, so I'll always have them.  Even if I pause the service for the summer or for any reason, the local channels will work for the news.  

There are no reactivation fees to turn it off and on, which is a big bonus for my family since we will likely turn it off for the summer to encourage the kids to get outside more.  


If you want to get Orby TV installed, visit Orby TV or Best Buy to buy a receiverTarget also sells the receivers.  The basic one is $100, and the DVR receiver is $200.

Then you call to schedule an install with a professional.  This costs $150 and includes the dish and up to 100 feet of cable to hook up your TV.  

As I mentioned, there are two packages.  You can also add on Starz or Epix for a monthly fee.  The DVR service also costs $4 a month, but  I think it's worth every penny.


We are happy with Orby TV.  It doesn't have all of the features as our last satellite company, but we are saving $100 a month and can definitely live without them.

It has a good selection of channels available.  There were a few that we wanted that aren't included, but it wasn't a deal breaker by any means.

We love having a DVR, so it was worth it for us to upgrade to that receiver.

It has an onscreen channel guide that show's what's playing.  The menu is easy to navigate.

So far, we are very happy with our choice and love saving money each month.

UPDATE  It's been several months now, so I wanted to give an update.  

We came from another big name satellite service, and our neighbor uses it, so I'm able to compare.  It rained the entire month of June.  Orby went out once, but our neighbors other service was also out.  When there are heavy rains, it's expected.  There's nothing that can be done.

That said, my neighbor's has gone out a few times due to rain when ours did not.

We still use the DVR the most, so I recommend getting that for at least one receiver if you switch to Orby.

There are a few stations that I miss, but life moves on.  It's just TV.  I do not miss the outrageous bill from the other company at all.

Ready to start saving money?  Get your receiver from Best Buy.


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