Moms, Don't Hide Behind the Camera #TitanUp
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Moms, when was the last time you took a photo with your kids?  

I'm willing to wager that you've taken more photos of just your kids or your kids with your husband than he's taken of you and your kids.

I'm the photographer of the family, so I don't have a lot of photos of me and the kids.  I have some selfies that I've taken of us, but for the most part, I am absent from photos.

Part of it is that I just take the photos and we don't think to have someone else take them.  Part of it is that I haven't slept in 12 years and 6 months, so I always think I look tired.  And part of it is that I'm not in my early 20s anymore.

Why is is it that men get distinguished as they age, but women just get older?

Before we dive into the new Silk'n Titan, I want to mention that there is nothing wrong with the normal aging process.  It's a luxury that not everyone gets, and I'll take every fine line in exchange for being here to watch my kids grow.  

You do you.  If you are concerned about fine lines and the signs of aging, then keep reading.



The Titan is the latest device from Silk'n (remember the Infinity home hair removal that I posted about a few weeks ago?).  It's an anti-aging device that gives you salon-quality results at home.

It uses harmonized energy technology to reduce wrinkles and lift your facial skin.  It repairs collagen and elastic for younger looking skin on your face and neck.  You'll see results in about 8 to 10 weeks.  


The Silk'n Titan has new technology that's been clinically proven to tighten facial skin.  It doesn't just work on the surface; it works from the inside out to repair elastic and collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  After using it, you'll notice tighter skin and lifted skin, which makes you appear younger.  

There are fibroblast cells in our bodies that make elastic and collagen.  These cells regenerate every 3 to 4 weeks when we are young.  As we age, this slows down and we see signs of aging.  

The Titan uses three kinds of light and Callagen and Elastic Remodeling (CER) energy and delivers it under your skin.  This allows your body to continue its natural process to renew cells and restore your skin.

It's safe for your face and neck, and it also works on all skin types.  Some people report that their skin is tighter with just one use, but results vary based on the elasticity in your skin.


When you open the Titan, you'll see the storage case and Slider Gel.  You need to use this gel for every treatment or the device will not work.

Be sure to read the directions before using the Titan.  

  1. Take off all jewelry.
  2. Turn on the Titan and set the energy to level 1.
  3. Use level 1 for your first treatment.  You can increase the level gradually.
  4. Spread the Slider Gel over the treatment area.  
  5. Press the Titan firmly against your skin.  It will feel warm.
  6. Move the device in a line over the area you are treating.  Work slowly and take 10 to 15 minutes per area.
  7. Wash your face to remove the gel and use your regular moisturizer.
You might see results in just one session.  If you don't, you should see them after 5 weeks and even greater results after 10 weeks.  

Use your Titan twice a week for 10 weeks, then use every two weeks to maintain your results.

So moms, if you're avoiding photos because of the way you look, give the Silk'n Titan a try.  I love how easy it is to use and that I can fit into my crazy schedule at home without going to a salon.  Learn more about the best anti-

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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