How to Take Care of Your Miracos Makeup Brushes
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Your makeup brushes are tools.  As with any work, the better your tools, the better results you'll get.  That doesn't mean that you have to buy the most expensive tools because they don't always work better than mid-range brushes.  

I recently discovered Miracos Makeup Brushes, specifically the Limited Edition Essential Luxury Brush Kit.  It's affordable, yet it performs like more expensive brushes.  They are absolute proof that you don't need to spend a lot of money to get good results.

Like any tools that you use, the better you take care of them, they better they perform.  They will also last longer, which saves you money in the long run.  



I chose the Miracos Essential Luxury Brush Kit because I really wanted the blush brush and the blending brush.

It has six brushes:
  • Oval powder brush with a domed head.
  • Blush brush with a rounded tip.
  • Flat concealer brush with a rounded tip and tapered end.
  • Eye shadow brush to apply shadow and blend the edges.
  • Blend brush to blend your crease.
  • Dual-end eyeliner and brow brush for soft, natural brows and soft liner.


Brushes can hold dirt, makeup, oil, and even bacteria.  If you get a breakout, the bacteria can move to your brush and back to your face, causing more breakouts.  

The bristles are porous, so they can hold onto oils and makeup products.  When you use them, your makeup will go on spotty and uneven.  

Wash your makeup brushes once a week with baby shampoo, face soap, or a balm made just for makeup brushes.  Then lay them flat to dry completely.

I like to use a silicone pad with bumps and lines to clean my brushes because it gets them cleaner.  


Don't store your brushes in the bathroom because the heat and humidity can shorten their life.  

Cute cup style brush holder make it easy to find the brush you are looking for, but you should never store your brushes in one.  The sunlight can deteriorate your brushes.  I keep mine in two small bags; one for face brushes, and one for eye brushes.  Then I store them in a cabinet outside of my bathroom.

With proper care, your Miracos makeup brushes should last for years!  

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