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I will confess that I'm a high maintenance girl.  My hair appointments take every bit of three hours with three colors and an inverted bob.  I want my hair looking perfect before I leave the house.

I don't have a small makeup bag.  I have a large lockable train case with several trays and dividers full of makeup.  I don't wear makeup every time I leave the house, but I do wear it more often than not.  

Even though I'm a high maintenance girl, I'm also a girl with a packed planner.  Most weeks, I have something planned every day in addition to homeschooling and working from home.  I simply don't have an hour to get ready each morning.

I have my hair care routine down to a science, so it only takes a few minutes each day.  I can usually manage to get my makeup done in 10 to 15 minutes.


I have naturally curly hair, but unfortunately they aren't pretty curls.  They take a lot of coaxing to fall into place, so I generally straighten my hair.  Curly hair is naturally dry, so combine dry hair with bleaching and heat processing, and you get really dry hair.

I've been using Dove Thickening Ritual Shampoo and Dove Thickening Ritual Conditioner from Walmart to nourish my hair and give it a boost of volume.  They have lavender oil and rosemary extract inspired by French women to add fullness and volume to your hair.  Both are gentle enough to use every day.

After I wash and condition, I towel dry my hair, use a heat protectant, and either let my hair air dry or blow it dry, depending on my schedule.  I prefer to let it air dry to reduce damage, but sometimes I need to get it dry it so I can get to an appointment.

Once it's dry, I straighten it and that's it.  If it's raining or really humid, I'll use a curling wand for loose curls because my hair tends to frizz if the humidity is too high.

On the days that I don't wash my hair, I just have to brush it out if it's straight or rework my curls and go about my day.

Since my hair is color treated and I use heat to style my hair, I try not to wash it every day.  I like to wash every two to three days.  To keep my hair fresh, I use Dove Refresh+Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo from Walmart between washings.

I just spray, let it sit, and brush as usual.  It keeps my hair feeling clean and soft while it adds volume.  Now I can get ready in no time at all and still look like I spent a lot of time on my hair.

I have dark hair, so sometimes I have some problems with it leaving white spots on my hair.  I use dry shampoo at night, so if there are any spots, they are gone by morning.  You can also brush your hair well or try using a hair dryer for a few seconds to get rid of white spots.

Dove Thickening Ritual Shampoo and Dove Thickening Ritual Conditioner and Dove Refresh+Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo are available at Walmart, so I even save time by picking them up during my weekly shopping trip.

Have you tried Dove hair care?  Which one is your favorite?

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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