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Fudgy Black Bean Brownie Recipe Gluten Free No Flour

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GiantEagleSlashedPrices #CollectiveBias I've always kept a tight food budget.  I make a meal plan each week and only buy what's on my list. I use coupons when I can and shop the sale ads each week at Giant Eagle to make my dollars stretch further.   Giant Eagle is slashing prices at participating stores in Ohio.  These are permanently lower prices and not sale prices, so I can save even more money every day on select items in dairy, pets, grocery, frozen, household, cereal, and snacks.  With over 5,000 items on the list, I'm sure several things on your weekly shopping trip have had their prices slashed. Even though I do still follow the sales ad to plan my meals, now I can save money on the ingredients that I need to go with the sale items.  I can't tell you how much this helps my budget, so now I'll have extra money left over each week to put

Stress Relief Bath Salts Recipe With Eucalyptus and Spearmint

These stress relief bath salts have Epsom salts and eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils to naturally relief stress. Friends, it's been a week.  This weekend is a big event in our town, so I've been busy helping a nonprofit get ready for Saturday.   I've also been spending hours helping the scout troop get ready for their event this weekend.  Of course, I'm still homeschooling and trying to keep my blog and social media going. This month and this school year can not be over quick enough for me.  I am confident when I say that I am more excited for the end of the school year than the kids are!   David will be done with his first year of college in about two weeks, but he has finals and a few more papers to turn in before that's over.  Then we need to concentrate on his high school subjects to get those caught up.   Thankfully, on June 1, everything stops.  I can spend almost three months trying to catch up on everything that I've put off for nine months

DIY Itch Relief Solid Lotion Recipe

Use this DIY itch relief solid lotion recipe on bug bites, rashes, and other causes of itchy skin.   It's spring, which means allergy season in my family.  When I was a kid, I didn't have any allergies.  When I hit my teen years, I started having seasonal allergies, mostly in the fall.  My doctor thought it had to do with the falling leaves and possibly some kind of mold that grew on the leaves.  I took some allergy medications and went on with my life. Then we moved to the farm with 100s of trees of several different species.  I'm apparently allergic to one of those species in the spring, so I take allergy medications in the spring and fall. Then a few years ago, I got a new allergy symptom.  Itching.   We were working on cleaning leaves on the property.  That area hadn't been touched in about eight years, so there were a lot of dead leaves on the ground and things decaying.   The next day, my hands started itching.  Within a few days, I was

Homemade Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

Learn how to make a homemade hot oil treatment for hair.  This has the best carrier oils, herbs, and essential oils to use for any hair type. Last weekend, the boys were camping, so it was a fairly slow weekend.  My daughter and I made it a girls weekend and watched chick flicks on the big screen in the living room with the lights off and did girly things like paint our nails and put weird stuff on our hair. I'm overdue for a hair cut, so my hair is really getting dry and looking dull.  Normally, I use a hair mask, but I needed something that would give me some serious moisture, so I decided to use a natural hair oil recipe. I had some parsley infused flax oil to use, but I needed a little boost for some shine.  I added some carrot seed oil because it's high in vitamins A and E to nourish my hair.   I was going to create a brand new recipe, but then I thought how that will only help some of my readers.  You all have different hair needs, and you may even have some in