SunIn Natural Hair Highlights Before & After Photos
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I've always been fussy about my hair.  When I was a teenager, I wanted highlights.  My mother is not someone who spends a lot of time or money on her hair, so she vetoed this real quick.  I couldn't drive, so I couldn't get to the store to buy a kit.  

I did manage to talk her into a bottle of SunIn.  That summer, I finally had my highlights!  I was so thrilled to finally have a cool hair color.  

My daughter watches me go to the salon and get red and blonde streaks in my hair, so of course she wants highlights too.  She's 10-years-old and already growing up too quickly, so I'd like her to wait a few years before she starts with regular salon visits.  

She wanted to use SunIn natural hair highlights, and I agreed.  I knew her hair would look natural, so we spent an hour doing her hair last weekend.  


SunIn is very simple to use.  You'll need a bottle of SunIn, a comb, the sun or a hair dryer.  Since it's March in Ohio, we don't have any sunshine right now, so we used a hair dryer.


SunIn works on wet hair, so wet your hair or wash it and towel dry it.  I put a towel over her shirt so she didn't get wet and cold.


She wanted all over lighter color, so I sprayed all over.  You don't need to soak the hair, but it should be damp all over.  I used a wide toothed comb and my fingers to really work the SunIn in her hair.  


Then I used a hair dryer to activate the SunIn and dry her hair.  

After her hair was dry, she was dying to get a peek!

Although she wanted all over lighter color, she was thrilled with the natural looking highlights and lighter ends.  I thought ombre would look cool, so I went a little heavy on the ends for that effect.  

Here's a photo of just the ends, so you can really see the color contrast.  She didn't get blonde hair; hers is more reddish.  I figured that would happen since a little bit of red runs in the family.  

If you want to go even lighter, wait at least 2 days before using SunIn again.  It can be drying, so use a hair oil after each treatment to nourish your hair.

Here's the before and after of her SunIn Natural Hair Highlights!

You can buy SunIn at Walmart.  It comes in Lemon Fresh and Tropical Breeze.

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