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Honey and Lemon for Cold Easy Recipe

Feel better naturally with this honey and lemon for cold recipe.  This is easy to make, and it can promote wellness when you are sick with a cough or cold. When I get sick, I don't automatically run to the medicine cabinet.  Most cold medications make me very drowsy, even if they are non-drowsy formulas.  While I welcome the sleep, I do still need to get work done and teach the kids each day.   Luckily, there are several ways to feel better naturally without taking medication.  One natural cold remedy I like is a honey and lemon drink for colds and coughs.  I feel better quickly and the effect lasts for several hours. This is even safe for kids, but never give a child under one honey.  If you do give this to a child, heat the water to help the honey dissolve, then let it cool before you give it to them.  My kids aren't fans of honey, but they will drink this because they know they will feel better.

Dry Brushing Benefits - Why and How to Dry Brush

What if I told you that there's one thing you can every day for smoother skin and overall better health and wellness?  What if I told you that it will take you less than five minutes a day?  Oh, and it's free. Interested?  I was too.  When I got a dry brush a few months ago, I wanted it for my skin, not knowing about dry brushing benefits for the whole body. When both of my boys started occupational therapy, the first thing their OTs did was brush them.  They used the Wilbarger Deep Pressure and Proprioceptive Technique (DPPT) method with a surgical brush. I'll be honest, I never thought that would work.  Even after seeing it work with David, I thought it would never work for Caleb.  But it did; it helps them calm down and relax.  When I heard about dry brushing, this was the first thing that came to mind.   Dry brushing is on the list of services at high end salons all over the country, but you can do it at home in just a few minutes with the same results

19 Green Tea Bath Recipes

Green tea is one of my favorite DIY bath and beauty product ingredients because it's something that I always have on hand.  I drink green tea regularly, so I buy either bags or loose tea to brew tea.  I can use the exact same tea in my DIY products. If you buy bagged tea, you don't have to buy a loose tea for these recipes.  Just cut open the tea bag and use that tea in place of the loose tea. Some of these recipes call for matcha green tea.  Matcha is a finely ground powder that's made from green tea leaves.  Matcha can be used in food or bath and body recipes, so it's something that I keep on hand as well. Green tea is high in polyphenols.  These are naturally antibacterial and antiviral, and they are a powerful antioxidant.  Green tea specifically has catchins, which is naturally anti-inflammatory. With the powerful antioxidants and other properties of green tea, it makes an excellent addition to DIY bath and beauty recipes.  Here are 19 great recipes u

Skinny Moscow Mule Recipe (With or Without Alcohol)

This skinny moscow mule recipe can be made with or without alcohol.  It uses a moscow mule ginger beer substitute to lighten it up .  You can't scroll through Facebook or Pinterest without seeing those famous copper mugs.  Now you can make a skinny moscow mule recipe cocktail or mocktail.   When I started seeing moscow mules pop up, I will admit that I'd never heard of the drink.  I used to waitress in a bar and people would order some obscure drinks, but that was never one of them.  I looked up the recipe, and it sounded good except for the calories. A regular moscow mule has ginger beer, lime juice, and vodka.  Ginger beer isn't actually a beer; it's a carbonated drink that's made when ginger, yeast, and sugar ferment.  It's naturally sweetened, but it can have up to 130 calories per eight ounces.  This recipe uses a moscow mule ginger beer substitute to lighten it up.  

DIY Curl Defining Cream Recipe - Moisturize and Define Curls Naturally

This easy curl defining cream recipe moisturizes your hair while defining curls with just three ingredients. When I was a kid, I had thin straight hair.  It was so thin that I couldn't wear the hair clips that I so desperately wanted to wear because I didn't have enough hair to hold them in place.  I also remember being so upset that my hair was so straight because I wanted curls. By the time I was a teenager, my hair was so thick that I couldn't wear clips because they just couldn't hold enough of my hair to even be worth it.  It was a little wavy but manageable.  By the time I graduated college, I had thick curly hair.   Now I have my hair cut in an inverted bob and usually straighten it.  If I'm lazy...I mean if I don't have a lot of time, then I have to curl it because drying it and straightening it is a time consuming chore. When I curl my hair, I want to keep my curls intact without making my hair stiff.  Crunchy hair isn't my th

Helichrysum Essential Oil Benefits for Hair and Skin

A few months ago, I went to my supply store looking for some new things to use in recipes.  I was talking to the owner, who is well versed in essential oils and their uses, and he recommended helichrysum essential oil and a few other oils.  I had heard of it, but I hadn't used it yet. Helichrysum has several skin and hair benefits, making it a perfect addition for my stash of supplies.  The first thing I made was a dry skin toner .   I like how it worked in the toner, so keep an eye out for more recipes with it coming soon. The oil smells sweet, like a combination of nectar and honey.    It's said to be a powerful antioxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory. Before we move on to helichrysum essential oil benefits for hair and skin, I want to note that I am not a doctor.  Please seek medical advice. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

How to Make Butter and Buttercream with a Stand Mixer

Although we are just over two weeks into January, we haven't really started back into our routines.  My kids haven't had much school work, and the bad weather means that Caleb's therapy has been cancelled several times.  David just started college yesterday, so we had a two week break after Christmas. That means that we've had two glorious weeks where we didn't have much to do.  We played board games, watched an entire season of The Big Bang Theory, and I got through my almost full DVR. I also had time to tackle my "want to do" list.  These are things that don't need to be done; I just want to do them or try them.  One of the things that I wanted to do was make homemade butter and buttermilk. As I've talked about before, we are homesteading on a 12 acre farm.  We have livestock, an orchard, and grow a big garden.  We can and preserve our own food.  I want to be self-sufficient or at least know how to be self-sufficient. So I wanted to

Chamomile Hard Lotion Bar Recipe Using the Instant Pot

My dad and stepmom got me an Instant Pot for Christmas, so I've been experimenting with that.  So far, I've made an amazing roast with mushroom gravy, buttery ranch pork chops, and a few more things.  I was in a serious rut with dinner ideas, so I'm really excited to have a new with which to play. Even though I've only used my Instant Pot a few times, I've been pinning recipes like crazy.  I'm amazed at what all it can do!  When I started reading about the different modes it has, I had an idea.   Why can't I use an Instant Pot to make a hard lotion?

Roll On Lip Gloss Recipe with Essential Oils

This roll on lip gloss recipe is made with essential oils and several carrier oils.  It starts working immediately and helps moisturize and soften your lips for hours.  I love making lip balm because it's a fairly easy DIY recipe with ingredients that I always have on hand.  It does require that you melt beeswax, and sometimes I want something quicker.  I am still adjusting to our new routine this semester, so I didn't have a lot of time this week to get out all of my supplies. I have some roller bottles, so I decided to make a lip gloss recipe with carrier oils in that.  I'm glad I did because it worked really well, and it literally just takes a few minutes. You can customize this recipe to fit your needs and the oils you have on hand.  I used four oils because each one has properties that I wanted.  You could use any carrier oil for the base and add essential oils as desired.  

Sinus Relief Solid Essential Oil Stick Recipe

We went straight from fall allergies to sinus infections to colds.  It's been a rough winter several months at my house.  I'm particularly sensitive to cold and sinus medications, so I've been using essential oils for relief with a lot of success.  When a few of us have sinus problems, I diffuse oils so we can all benefit from them.  If it's just one of us with sinus problems, I normally use a solid carrier oil stick   and apply oils that way. I taught my oldest how to use the stick and use the oils, but he doesn't like getting oils on his hands.  I can't blame him for that!  He wondered why I couldn't just make a sinus relief solid essential oil stick to use. That sounded like a great idea to me, so I made him one.  Now he can apply his favorite sinus relief oil without making a mess. SINUS RELIEF SOLID ESSENTIAL OIL STICK RECIPE Links in this post may be affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission from sales. Thi