Our Christmas Traditions
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Our family is all over the country, so we are just having a few guests over for Christmas.  With Christmas on a Monday this year, I'm keeping it fairly simple.  We are celebrating with family on Christmas Eve and then relaxing on Christmas after we exchange gifts. 

Even though we are keeping it low key, there are some traditions that we keep.  Although they aren't elaborate, they do allow me to enjoy my family more during Christmastime, and I hope the kids remember these traditions fondly.  

Christmas Eve Dinner

I don't do a lot of cooking for Christmas Eve or Christmas, but that doesn't mean that we don't have a lot of food.  I prefer to cook a ham and have a lot of snacky foods for our family and to serve to guests.  This year, I'm making a cheese board with Castello cheese.  

I've actually never made a cheese board, and I wasn't even sure where to start because it's a little overwhelming.  I used the Castello cheese board builder to help find the perfect combination for us.  I'll be featuring Castello Aged Havarti, Castello Gouda, and Castello Traditional Danish Blue along with shredded fennel, roasted pedron peppers, chorizo, honeycomb, tomato chutney, and rosemary crackers per their board builder recommendations.  

Christmas Morning Breakfast

For breakfast Christmas morning, I make an egg casserole in the slow cooker.  I put it in the night before, so we wake up to breakfast already made.  

I love the convenience, but I don't love washing out my slow cooker after making the casserole.  I spray with PAM cooking spray.  I like that they have a non aerosol can now, too.  It doesn't have artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, so it's safe for Caleb to eat.

Right now, you can save on PAM Spray Pump with the ibotta app.  Download it to your phone to earn cash back.  

Snack for Santa

Every year, we set out a snack for Santa and his reindeer.  Sometimes we give him cookies, but sometimes we set out something else like a muffin.  The reindeer get carrots so they can keep up their energy for the long night.  

This year, I'm going to use these adorable milk glasses from Cracker Barrel for Santa's milk.  

Cracker Barrel also has these adorable appetizer picks for my snacky food too.  

They have the cutest decor items.  Use code SHOP30 to save 30% off site-wide.


Since my dining room and living room are decorated in a rustic farmhouse theme, I want to use these rustic serving trays from Christmas Central.  They have a large selection of rustic holiday decor and several other styles too.  

Keeping my Dogs Happy

Both of my dogs get nervous when we have guests over.  Dolphie will love these WHIMZEES chews to keep him occupied while we visit with family.  

They are made with just six ingredients and freshen their breath and clean his teeth while he has fun chewing.  If you have a dog with stinky breath—Dolphie has bad breath sometimes!—these are a must.  

I can't forget Nacho!  He's grain free, and he is loving his Wellness Core Raw Rev food.  It has turkey, flax seed, and liver to promote good health.  It's grain free and has freeze dried bites with no fillers.  

What are you family Christmas traditions?

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Cari Dunn

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