Keep Your Lips Soft This Winter With Herpecin L
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We focus quite a bit of our time and attention on skin care in the winter, but how many of you are taking care of your lips?  Like your skin, your lips can get dry.  The drier air in the winter zaps the moisture right out of your skin, including your lips.

I prefer to wear a long lasting lipstick because I can't stand it when the color wears off after just a few hours.  Most long wear lippies are very drying.  If your lips get dry or chapped, your favorite color is going to crack and look awful.  

Don't worry.  I've got your covered.  I found a little jewel at the Drugstore, Herpecin L, to help keep your lips smooth, soft, and ready for your favorite lippie.  

How to Keep Your Lips Soft This Winter

Thankfully, keeping your lips soft isn't difficult.  I do two things in the winter to keep my lips from getting chapped.  

Moisturize Your Lips

The key to keeping your lips soft is to keep them moisturized.  Herpecin L is a little jewel I discovered the pharmacy when my lips were really dry and cracked.  It's made to help with cold sores, but it's also a wonderful product for dry, cracked lips.  

Not only does it treat chapped lips, but it also prevents them too.  I use it daily to keep my lips kissably soft.

Herpecin L won't dry your lips like some other brands.  This is important to me because it creates a viscous cycle where I have to use a lip balm all the time to get my lips to stay smooth.  

It works so well on dry lips because it has a sunflower seed oil to nourish and dimethicone to protect.  Dimethicone forms a barrier on the top of your skinor lips as the case may bethat prevents moisture loss.  

It also has an SPF of 30.  That's really important to me because it seems like my lips burn before my skin does.  I've even been known to get burnt lips in the winter because of the sun reflecting off of the snow.

Like I said, Herpecin L is usually used for cold sores because it provides immediate relief while it helps speed up recovery time.  It's a pharmacist recommended brand for treating and preventing cold sores.  

If you have cold sores, don't worry because almost 90 percent of adults have been exposed the virus that causes cold sores before they are 50-years-old.  Most people that have cold sores were exposed to the virus as a child.  

Just because they are common doesn't mean you have to suffer through them.   When you feel the first tingle of a cold sore, use something to help the blemish heal faster.


You exfoliate your skin, but don't forget to exfoliate your lips.  I usually exfoliate my lips once or twice a week.  If my lipstick starts to crack because my lips are dry, I know it's time to exfoliate.  

The easiest way to exfoliate is to mix some white or brown sugar with olive oil or coconut oil and gently scrub your lips.  White sugar works better, but brown sugar is gentler if your lips are sensitive.  

Once you exfoliate, follow with Herpecin L to lock in moisture.

How will you keep your lips soft this winter?

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