Getting Ready for Thanksgiving
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We've lived in the farmhouse just over five years now, but this is the first year that I get to host Thanksgiving.  Actually, I think this is the first year we've ever hosted Thanksgiving.  I've made the turkey and everything just for the five of us, but we've never had company come over for the holiday before.

I have to admit that I'm a little nervous about hosting this year; I want everything to be perfect.  I'm really picky about my turkey.  I brine it for several days with a homemade brine, then I bake it with fresh vegetables and herbs so the flavor infuses the entire turkey.  So I'm good with that part of the meal.  

What I'm not ready for is the extras.  Holidays are a time to splurge a little bit and try something a little fancier than usual.  This year, I want to try some new things, and I want the entire family included.  Keep reading to see what we're adding to our Thanksgiving feast this year.

Edible Arrangements Thanksgiving Desserts

We want to watch some movies, play games, and spend time together, so I invited the family to come over several hours before I expect to have dinner ready.  

I feel like I should have something for them to munch on before the big feast because I don't expect to eat until 3 or 4, but I don't want anything too heavy.  I also don't want to have to spend time preparing anything.

An Autumn Harvest Dipped Fruit Trio from Edible Arrangements is perfect for Thanksgiving desserts or to set out before the meal.  It's different, it's fun, and it's so yummy.  

The Autumn Harvest Dipped Fruit Trio contains:

  • Chocolate dipped strawberries
  • Chocolate and carmalized hazelnut covered bananas
  • Salted caramel apple wedges
I absolutely loved the chocolate dipped strawberries, but the salted caramel apple wedges were a close second.  We had two orders of these, and they didn't last long!  The chocolate was thick and not too sweet, making it the perfect complement to the fruit.  

You can even order until 11/22, the day before Thanksgiving, so you still have plenty of time to order!

I have a special coupon code just for my readers too.  Use code THANK17 for $10 off a $39 ($49 for CA) order until 11/22 with fulfillment anytime.  Or use code FEAST for $20 off a $99 order until 11/22 with fulfillment anytime.  Edible Arrangements make great Thanksgiving gifts too!

Clean Cocktails for the Modern Mixologist By Tara Roscioli & Beth Ritter Nydick from Blue Barn Kitchen Publishing 

I want to serve drinks for the adults who want them, but I wasn't sure what to make.  The book Clean Cocktails for the Modern Mixologist uses low-calorie spirits paired with natural sweeteners like maple syrup and honey.  Several of the recipes make pitchers, so I can make it once and serve it to several guests.  

We tried the Mad Tea Party first.  It's a healthier version of a Long Island Iced Tea, which is always a hit at our parties. It can even be made with green tea, which is my tea of choice.  

There are several mocktails in addition to the Thanksgiving cocktails available.  

Sipp Sparkling Organics

At Thanksgiving, I get the kids something special to drink, too.  They can be used to create a cocktail, but we like them chilled as non-alcoholic drinks.  

We tried the Sipp Organics Mojo Berry.  Their drinks are a unique blend of fruits, herbs, and agave.  I let my kids have some, and they all begged to have more for our Thanksgiving dinner.  They have six flavors available, so I think we will get this kind and a few more kinds to try for our feast.  

Solid Gold Holistic Pet Nutrition

I can't forget about my fur babies!  They don't like it when we have company.  The dogs get a little unsettled with new people, and my cats hide.  Most people don't even know we have cats because they hide as soon as people come over and don't come back out for several hours after they've left.

They can have their own Thanksgiving feast with Superfoods Chewy Dog Treats with sweet potato, turkey, and cinnamon for my boys and Superfoods Tropical Blendz Cat Food with turkey and coconut oil for my girls.

Chloe got to sample her food before Thanksgiving, and she loved it.  Both the treats and the cat food are grain free, which is important to me as I have one dog and one cat on grain free diets, so they need natural cat food and natural dog treats.  

Look for discounts on Solidgold natural pet treats and cat food here.  


It's the season of giving, and my kids always want to give at the local animal shelter.  We go in to volunteer to bathe and walk the dogs, play with the cats, and donate food and other supplies that they need.

Petlanthropy lets you give a gift card, and the recipient can choose a shelter to receive the donation.  I like this because all of my inside critters are rescues.  My son has autism, and he loves being with animals.  Volunteering at the animal shelter is one of his favorite things to do, so I'm happy that we could apply the card there to help out more.  

I am definitely more prepared for our Thanksgiving feast now that I have some yummy dessert ideas and drink ideas for both the kids and the adults.  Even my pets will have treats to enjoy that day!

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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