Michael Todd Soniclear Elite Giveaway
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I'm a Michael Todd Beauty ambassador, which means that I've been able to introduce you to a lot of their products.  They have great skin care products, but my favorite products are their beauty tools.  I have the Sonic Eraser Pro, Soniclear Petite, Sonic Blend, and the Total Refresher.  I use all of the products often, but I use the Soniclear Petite twice a day.  My skin looks and feels so much better since I started using it last March.  

Michael Todd Beauty recently reached out to see if I wanted to host a giveaway for the Soniclear Elite for one of my lucky fans.  Of course, I said yes because I know you will all love it if you win one!

Michael Todd Soniclear Elite Giveaway

The Soniclear Elite is a sonic powered facial cleansing brush.  It's rechargeable, waterproof, and it is microbial so the brushes stay fresher longer.  

It has 6 speeds, so it's adjustable.  I use a higher speed for my facial cleanser and a lower speed when I use it with an exfoliator.  

Most of my giveaways are hosted right here on my blog, but this one is hosted on my Instagram page.  You can get an entry to following Michael Todd Beauty and for each friend that you tag!  

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