What's In My Gym Bag
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I'm a very type A person, so I keep things organized.  I have bags packed for our different activities so I can grab them and go.  This reduces a lot of stress when trying to get out the door with three kids, two with autism who have trouble transitioning to a new activity.  My tai chi nights are especially hectic because the kids have martial arts after my tai chi class, so I have to get all five of us there on time.  Needless to say, we all have bags packed and ready to go.

I don't go to the actual gym often because I work out at home.  However, there is a punching bag and weights at the community center where we have martial arts.  With my bag packed, I'm ready to head to the gym or to the community center to work out or attend tai chi.

What's In My Gym Bag

Tai Chi Uniform

Since I use my bag for tai chi and not going to an actual gym, I keep my uniform in it.  Tai chi has a beautiful black silk uniform.  It's lightweight and extremely comfortable.  The light fabric doesn't restrict my movement, so I prefer to wear the uniform while I'm in class.  Not pictured are my cloth shoes.  They don't have a sole on them so my feet slide along the carpet.  

Water and Snacks

If I don't have coffee in my hand, I have a water bottle.  I always have one with me at tai chi.  I also take a snack with me.  Since I do cardio at home and tai chi, I've been increasing my protein intake with Special K Protein Bites.  My favorites are the Caramel Nut and Peanut Butter Chocolate.

With 9 grams of protein per serving, I can get a boost of protein to help me stay strong.  They have a resealable pouch, so I can take them in my bag without worrying about them spilling on my uniform.

I stay fueled for tai chi and being a mom by starting my day with Special K Nourish cereal too.  Like the Protein Bites, it has real ingredients like apples, raspberries, and almonds.  With 24 grams of whole grains, it helps me start off my day.

Personal Care

After seeing videos of tai chi, I didn't think it would be too strenuous.  I was wrong.  We work up a sweat, and after a good session, I can barely walk for two days.  After my class, my kids have over two hours of karate and ju jitsu before we can go home.  I pack some disposable wipes with me to freshen up my face and body and my deodorant.  

Hair Care

I have shorter hair, so I don't need to tie it back.  It does get sweaty though, so I pack either a dry shampoo or arrowroot powder.  I like the arrowroot powder because it absorbs sweat without making my hair stiff.  I can also use it before my hair is fully dry unlike spray that has to be used on dry hair.

What do you have to have in your gym bag?
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