Marula Pure Beauty Oil Review
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When my birthday rolls around in a few months, I'll be leaving my mid 30s and entering my late 30s.  As I'm getting older, I am getting fine lines on my face.  Although I've always taken good care of my skin, it's time to step up my skin care regime and use products that have ingredients specifically targeting fine lines and other signs of aging.  

My hair needs have also changed in the last few years.  When I was a kid, my hair was thin and straight, with not so much as a wave.  As a teenager, it was straight and oily.  Now, I have dry, curly, and extremely thick hair.  If I don't take care of it with the right products, it can get frizzy and dull very quickly.  After researching so many carrier oils for my blog and for my book, I knew that marula oil was one of the best oils for the hair and skin, so I gave Marula Pure Beauty Oil's line of products from Beauty Bridge a try.

Benefits of Marula Oil For Hair and Skin

Marula oil is a carrier oil harvested from the seed kernels of the Marula tree. Native to South Africa and Madagascar, this oil has many benefits for your hair and skin. It's a light oil, so it makes a great addition to skin care and hair care products, and it can also be used on its own.

Marula oil is high in essential fatty acids, vitamin C, amino acids, nutrients, and flavonoids. It is said to reverse sun damage, hydrate deep in to the skin, repair the skin, and boost cellular turnover. With repeated use, the compounds in marula oil can help reverse signs of aging and neutralize free radicals in your skin. It can also boost collagen production for younger looking skin.

Marula oil is an excellent carrier oil for all skin types, but it's especially good for aging skin because it can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps restore elasticity for more youthful looking skin.

For those with acne-prone skin or acne scarring, it won't clog pores. It's also naturally anti-microbial, which can help prevent and heal acne.

Marula oil's high levels of oleic acid and vitamin C help make your hair beautiful. It coats the hair to provide some UV protection, which is very important if you color your hair. The thin oil coats your hair, giving it a smooth finish and reduces frizz.

Marula Pure Beauty Oil Foaming Cleansing Oil

I start my skin care routine with Marula Pure Beauty Oil Foaming Cleansing Oil.  It's a gentle cleanser, so it won't dry out my skin.  It feels like a gel, but it doesn't leave my skin oily.  It also exfoliates for softer, firmer skin.  

Marula Pure Beauty Oil Pure Marula Facial Oil

After I wash, I use Marula Pure Beauty Oil Pure Marula Facial Oil.  It only takes a few drops of this light oil to completely cover my face and neck area.  Safe for all skin types, this oil plumps the skin for less visible fine lines and firmer skin.

Marula Pure Beauty Oil marula oil is cold pressed from wild harvested marula trees.  Since they don't use chemicals or heat to extra the oil, there are more skin and hair loving benefits in the oil.  

Marula Pure Beauty Oil Intensive Repair Shampoo

To take my frizzy hair, I use Marula Pure Beauty Oil Intensive Repair Shampoo.  Since I have my hair dyed two colors and also bleached for blonde highlights, I have to be careful about what shampoo I use.  This shampoo is sulfate, phylate, and paraben free, so it's safe for color treated hair.

A mild foaming intensive repair sulfate free shampoo infused with Pure Marula Oil that rebuilds and revives dry and damaged hair weakened by chemical processes, heat styling and environmental exposure by gently repairing each hair strand, restoring moisture and shine.

I love how it moisturizes my hair without fading my color.  If you have dry hair, it's a fine line between getting enough moisture and weighing down your hair.  Since marula oil is a light, thin oil, it doesn't weigh down my hair.

Marula Pure Beauty Oil Intensive Repair Conditioner

Next, I use the Marula Pure Beauty Oil Intensive Repair Conditioner.  It's also free of sulfates, phthalates, and paraben, so it's safe for my color treated hair.  It also protects my hair against UV damage and environmental damage.  

What I really like is that it seals the cuticle.  This helps tame frizzy hair and makes my hair so shiny and soft.  

It has ColorDefend™ technology to protect my hair color.  This also helps reduce drying time, which is very important to me as I have super thick hair that takes forever to dry.  

The GlossySoft™ Reparative Technology helps keep my hair smooth and shiny.  

Marula Pure Beauty Oil Intensive Hair Treatment and Styling Oil

Since I have thick, curly hair, it needs a little extra boost after I wash and dry.  I use Marula Pure Beauty Oil Intensive Hair Treatment and Styling Oil.  You can use the oil on damp or dry hair.  If I'm going to use a blow dryer, I use it while my hair is damp.  Otherwise, I wait for it to dry and use it before I flat iron.

The oil penetrates deep in to the hair to lock in moisture for more manageable hair.  It can even help repair damaged hair with Shiny Wrap Marula Plant Stem Cells.  

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