There's Something for Everyone at Kalahari in Sandusky, Ohio
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My kids are getting older, so trips to the park aren't a special treat like they used to be.  I have a 15-year-old and then I have a 11-year-old and a 9-year-old, and those 4-5 years make a big difference in their likes and dislikes right now.  Luckily, the whole family can have fun at Kalahari in Sandusky, Ohio.  We live about 1.5 hours from Sandusky, so it's close enough to visit and spend the night at their resort and visit the water park while we are there.

When you think of Kalahari, you probably just think about the waterslides, but there's so much more.  They have an indoor water park, so weather isn't a factor.  Inside, there's a 12,000 square foot wavepool, a raft ride, water rollercoaster, water rides, and so much more.  

From Memorial Day to Labor Day each year, there's a Safari Adventures Animal Park with zip lines, a rope course, climbing walls, and the Safari Adventures Animal Park.  There's also an arcade if you want to stay dry and have more fun.

This year, Kalahari added five new waterslides to the outdoor water park!

  • Weightless hang time on the Stingray
  • Almost vertical drop on the Extreme Rush
  • High speed Sahara Sidewinder
  • Swing on the high banks of Tornado Alley
  • Loop in the tunnels of Serengeti Spinner

I have one child who loves high adventure, so he will love the big water slides, especially the new ones.  My other two kids prefer to stay closer to ground, but there's plenty of things for all of us to enjoy.

When I told my kids that Kalahari in Sandusky, Ohio was on our summer bucket list, my daughter wasted no time in packing.  Even though we aren't going for a few weeks, she had to get everything ready to go now.

Located in Sandusky, Ohio, Kalahari is easy to get to go.  I don't mind the drive at all because we don't have to go through any cities, so traffic is minimal.  Kalahari also has locations in Wisconsin Dells, WI, Pocono Mountains, PA, and Round Rock, TX.

Learn more about Kalahari and plan your visit!

Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

Cari lives on a small farm with her husband, three kids, two dogs, two cats, and a goat. She loves coffee, Gilmore Girls, her chihuahua, and her kids, but not in that order.