Beauty Begins the Moment You Decide to be Yourself
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Last week, the kids were eating lunch.  The boys were having pizza, but my daughter was eating carrots and grapes.  I asked her if she'd like some pizza.  She replied that she had to look good in her costume for her play in a few weeks, so she was eating light.  While I definitely applaud her making good food choices, it broke my heart to hear that she's worried about her body at the young age of nine.

Over the next few days, it quickly dawned on me where she got it from.  From me.

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In the last week, I heard myself ask my husband if a shirt fit okay because I felt like it was too small.  I made a comment that I couldn't skip my workout to go do something fun.  She watched me put on makeup because I wanted to look better when I was going to a meeting.

That was a wake up call for me.  I don't want my daughter growing up thinking that she needs to look a certain way in order to be a better person.  I want her to know that she is amazing no matter what she looks like.

My daughter is beautiful, and not just outwardly.  She has a kind heart.  She's nice to everyone, and she loves to help people.

She's an aspiring actress.  Even though she gets nervous on stage, she's taken the lead in several plays at our community theater.

She loves to laugh.  Her eyes sparkle when she laughs.
She taught me an important lesson this week.  Everyone has flaws, but we also all have something that makes us amazing.  So now I'm going to focus on what makes me amazing.

I'm a good mom to my kids.

I own my own business that I built from literally nothing.

I am an asset to my community in all of the volunteer work that I do.

I want my daughter to see me owning it.  Owning my flaws, owning my good traits, owning my personality, owning my health, and owning my food.

To keep me powerful every day, I eat foods like Special K with their new Wholesome Snacks line.  I start the day with Special K Red Berries Cereal, which is made especially for women with folic acid, vitamin D, and fiber.  It has real strawberries and whole grain flakes for a great taste.

Their new line includes Special K Nourish with real ingredients like blueberry and pistachio and, yes,  even chocolate.  The Special K Protein is a great way to add protein on the go.  I keep the resealable pouch in my gym bag for tai chi nights.

To help me remember to own it, I made a printable inspirational quote that I'm going to put at my desk in my office.  

How do you own it every day?

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