Get Help Managing Your Child's Allergy Symptoms
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When my middle child, Caleb, was diagnosed with allergies, it was unfamiliar territory.  I wasn't allergic to anything until I was an adult, and even then I only have symptoms in the spring and fall.  My oldest isn't allergic to anything, so it was all new to me. I noticed that Caleb had a runny nose and watery eyes daily.  Since there are few people in our families who have allergies, I thought he was just sick.  I took him to the doctor who diagnosed him with environmental allergies. We bought a powerful allergy friendly vacuum, and I vacuumed and dusted daily.  We used the air conditioner in the summer instead of opening the windows.  After a few years, his allergies weren't being controlled, and he was miserable.  As a mom, it's hard to watch your child go through allergies and not know how to manage them.  Well, now you can learn how with the Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit.

Get Help Managing Your Child's Allergy Symptoms

Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit.

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The Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit from the makers of Children’s Claritin® is a website that helps moms learn about allergies - from your child's symptoms to your doctor's visit to managing symptoms.  When Caleb was little, I wasn't even sure what symptoms to look for or how to tell some of the differences between allergies and a cold.  There's even a symptom tracker for you to keep track of them before you talk to your doctor.  

Have you ever gone to the doctor and then remembered most of your questions on the drive home?   I do that all the time.  Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit has a list of questions that you can ask your doctor at your next appointment.  

After Caleb was diagnosed, I felt a little lost.  I really wasn't sure what to do to make our home more allergy friendly.   The Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit has a section to help you manage your child's allergies, whether your child has outdoor seasonal allergies or indoor year round allergies.  

Caleb has been doing well lately except for the spring and fall.  There's a pollen count forecast in the Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit, so I can prepare by having him stay inside and running the air conditioner on high pollen days.

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We decided to get allergy testing done so we knew exactly what he was allergic to.  Turns out, he's allergic to a few kinds of trees.  We had just moved to a farm with 100s of trees of all kinds, including the ones he's allergic to.  Poor Caleb, he's my outdoor kid.  He would rather be outside playing in his fort, riding his bike, or climbing a tree than inside.  


Caleb’s Favorite Climbing Tree

I gave Caleb Children’s Claritin® as soon as his allergy symptoms started.  Children’s Claritin® is the only brand that provides 24-hour, non-drowsy allergy relief products.*

*Among Oral OTC Children’s Brands

I’m so glad to have found the Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit because it has helped me so much. As a mom, it’s hard to navigate a new territory, but now it’s a little easier with help and advice to understand my son’s allergies. While you’re there, don’t forget to get your $3 coupon too.  

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