Baby Foot Giveaway
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A few weeks ago, I posted a Baby Foot review.  I had such a great experience with it, so I asked Baby Foot if they would sponsor a giveaway so one of my readers could try it for themselves.  I have to say that this was the weirdest product that I've ever had to try for my blog, but I loved it.  I'll post some Baby Foot peeling photos below, but I warn you they aren't pretty.  But my feet sure are pretty now, so it was well worth it.  

Baby Foot Giveaway

Links in this post may be affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission from sales.

What Is Baby Foot?

You can learn more about the product in my Baby Foot review post.  The short version is that it's a chemical peel for your feet.  You open the box to find two booties that you cut open and put on your feet.  Inside the booties is a solution with 17 fruit extracts that exfoliates your feet.  

You won't notice anything after you use it or even for the next days days.  Patience, Grasshopper.  It will work.  And it will be so satisfyingly disgusting.  

Tip:  You can really gross people out with your feet.  I would just threaten to put my peeling foot on a small child to get them to vacate the couch so I could sit down.  

Another tip:  Wear socks and shoes in public.  Don't wear sandals until it's done.  Trust me.

When I used Baby Foot, my feet weren't horrible, but they weren't great either.  I actually thought they were pretty decent.  Wrong.  My feet peeled.  And peeled.  And peeled.  Even the tops of my feet peeled.  It was awesome.

Here is a photo from day 4.  Now it does look like my feet are dirty.  No, that's dead skin.

Now I use a heavy duty lotion every night before I go to bed to keep my feet soft.  As you can see, they did get really dry.  

You can also buy Baby Foot directly from them if the giveaway is over or you don't want to wait.  Trust me, you'll want another one to use in a few months if you win too!

This giveaway is open to US residents 18 and older.  Good luck!
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