Relieving Stress In Cats
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Adding another cat to a home with two cats, a male and a female, was a challenge.  Luie has since passed away at the age of 17, but he was a grumpy old man who didn't want young whippersnapper around.  Carly is very aloof and keeps to herself, so she had no desire to let Chloe share any of her space.  My cousin, who is a vet, suggested that we use Feliway® MultiCat to help Carly and Chloe get along better.  Keep reading to learn more about Feliway® MultiCat and other products that we use for relieving stress in cats.

My son, Caleb, has autism.  Caleb loves kitties.  Loves them.  At four, he wanted nothing more than his own subscription to a cat magazine, and he would read it cover to cover until the pages fell out.  A few years later, he knew every cat breed and their characteristics.  We had two cats then, Luie and Carly, both tabbies.  Caleb had his heart set on a Siamese cat, but we only rescue pets, so I didn't think we would find one.  I started looking for a rescue and found Chloe, a Siamese/tabby mix.  She has some Siamese markings, but she looks more like a tabby with blue eyes.  Her personality is all Siamese though.

She is very lovable, very curious, and she's the perfect companion for Caleb.  If he's not home, she's sleeping on his bed or something that belongs to him.  She lets him carry her around all day, and she loves to play action figures with him.  Sometimes it's hard for him to talk to me because of his autism, but he can always talk to Chloe.  She sits on his lap or on his desk while we homeschool.  After he reads something, he can't always tell me about it, but he can usually tell Chloe all about it.  It's not uncommon for her to interrupt him with meows like they are having a conversation.  Having her close to him helps him stay calm.  He needs tactile input, so he pets her while we are working for extra input.  

Feliway® MultiCat

The Feliway® MultiCat Diffuser mimics the pheromone that mother cats produce.  This helps promote bonding and better socialization of multiple cats, especially when introducing a new cat.  While my cats will probably never cuddle together or play together, Carly will now let Chloe eat from the other side of their double food dish.  

Feliway® Travel Spray 

Feliway® Travel Spray is also pheromone based, but it's a different pheromone.  This one mimics the hormone that cats secrete when they rub their heads on objects.  Cats do this to mark their territory.  By having the smell around, they feel more secure. I spray it on the cats' crates when it's time to visit the vet, but you can also use it in your home.  It can reduce stress behaviors like scratching, hiding, and spraying because it helps your cat feel comfortable.  

Feliway® Wipes

The Feliway® wipes work similar to the spray.  You can use them to wipe down your cat's crate before taking a trip or if you travel to a new place or move.  You can wipe down any hard surface with the wipes so your cat will be less stressed.  

Catego™ Flea and Tick Control

The first of the month is not Chloe's favorite day.  That's the day all of the critters get their flea drops.  We live on a farm, so we have fleas outside.  Poor Chloe has an allergic reaction to flea bites, so it's imperative that we keep them at bay or she will scratch and lose her fur.   Catego™ is powerful flea and tick control to control and prevent fleas and ticks in cats.  It's a liquid that you apply to the back of the cat's neck, but Catego™ has a special applicator.  Chloe tolerates this brand a little better than other brands, and I think it's because the tip is more comfortable for her.  It starts killing fleas in just 6 hours, and it kills all life stages of ticks.  I haven't seen a tick on the farm yet, nor do I want to.  

Catego™ is available from your vet or on Amazon.  PetSmart will be carrying it soon, so be sure to check there too.  

They also sent me some other goodies, which of course Caleb snagged.  He loves the coffee mug!  

Do you have more than one cat?  Do they get along?

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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